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Shower Head Changes Color to Save Water


A new shower head system will be out in the market early 2014 that changes color to alert the person that they have spent enough time in the shower. When the water is turned on, the Uji shower head is green and it gradually changes color until it becomes red, which indicates that its time to turn it off . The prototype is currently set to “hit red at seven minutes”, but since it’s still a work in progress the inventors are considering making a version that allows you to set your own time.

The water wouldn’t suddenly turn off because the time is up. It’s like setting an alarm clock, it’s just there to notify you. Shower time, according to one of the co-inventors Brett Andler, has decreased by “12 percent.” It’s priced at $50 and Uji makes sure that you will save “about $85/year installed. It’s great for families with smaller hot water tanks or teens who take too long in the shower.” I can’t wait until this is sold in the US and hopefully soon in Kuwait. It will save water, time and money.

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Don’t Forget to Drink Water

This shows how important it is to drink water at the right time.

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Drink Warm Water Rather Than Cold Water

I’ve been told by a friend that drinking warm water is better than drinking cold water when you’re thirsty. At first, I didn’t believe her, but after some research I was proven wrong. The brain tricks our body into thinking that we need cold water to cool us down. That’s why you feel that your thirst has been quenched when drinking cold water as apposed to warm water. It turned out that drinking warm water promotes perspiration, which helps cool down your body. It also flushes toxins from your body and purifies your bloodstream. That is why tea is consumed in many cultures during the summer because it actually helps cool your body down. I’m really going to try to stay off cold water!

PS. By warm water I mean room temperature water!

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Weekly Photo Challenge (19) – Summer

When I saw this weeks photo challenge, I really laughed. Out of all the possible topics, the daily post choose Summer. It’s harder than it looks. At first I thought maybe I should put the picture of the header and finally explain what it means. I also thought of making a collage of all the things I love about the summer season. Then I remembered that my gravatar picture is far more important. I use it for my twitter profile too.

The picture above was taken in California in 2007. It’s really a priceless picture to me. It was my first trip to the US and the lighting in the picture couldn’t have been more perfect. Who knew that someday I would be making it my trademark. Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their summers as much as I do. What’s everyone’s plans?

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Weekly Photo Challenge (18) – Blue


The picture was taken in Barcelona, Spain.

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Aquapax Mineral Water




I found Aquapax the other day in the Sultan Center. At first, I thought it was some type of flavored milk because of the shape and color. Then I realized that it’s water in a recyclable carton box. I tried it and there was nothing special about it. It is water anyways. I think water companies should consider switching to carton because plastic is really bad for the environment.

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The Slow Mo Guys

That is so COOL! I wish I popped that balloon.

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Apple Water

Picture of the day! LOL!

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