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Nuqat – Executing Culture Shock

Last month, I attended the three-day Nuqat conference about Executing Culture Shock. I really enjoyed my time there. The lectures made me look at art and design very differently. I realized how hard it is to make such beautiful things. Of course things get harder when culture gets involved because people don’t always accept art as a form of expression. Many times, art is censored because the culture wouldn’t accept it. It traces back to traditions and what the current norms are.

One of the lecturers, Alanoud Al Sharekh, talked about censorship and the forbidden in our region when it comes to art and media. Her speech was one of the best. Thank God for technology because all of the lectures are available on Nuqat’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s Al Sharekh’s speech (skip the first 3 min to immediately start with the speech)

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We Clap Differently Because of Social Media

A video I found interesting by Vsauce that talks all about clapping and how it originated.

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Pitch Perfect’s “When I’m Gone”

I want to learn how to do that. I watched tutorials, but it’s so hard to perfect and I’m extremely slow. Does anyone know how to do this?

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Zain’s Social Media Day Event


By now, most bloggers have posted about Zain’s Social Media Day event on June 30, so I won’t be boring you with what happened. It was pretty cool and filled with every single person in Kuwait involved in media (whether they were television presenters, journalists, bloggers or radio talk show hosts). That was the fun part. It was basically being in a room full of famous people.

The event had started at 6 and I had planned to go then, but I got busy and didn’t end up arriving until 8! I missed the performance by Army of One:( I was there when the raffle happened and Osama Fouda later played his famous radio game with the audience. I was also lucky enough to watch the men that were acting like they were old dance to Gangam Style. I then had to leave by 9 because it also just happened to be my sister’s birthday!

I loved the balloon idea that was planned for the end. Everyone had to write their Instagram or Twitter account on the paper attached to the balloon and then everyone had to let go of their balloon at the same time. I wasn’t there when that happened.

Overall, the event was amazing (even if I only was able to attend for an hour). Next year, I will make an effort to attend earlier! Also, I know that many bloggers posted the video invitation (mine was really funny), but I won’t. The girl in the video didn’t know who writes on this blog (whether its a female, male or a group of writers!). She was confused and then she started talking in plural form. Just to be clear for people that don’t know this already, I’m a woman.

Oh, and I forgot to get my camera. I don’t know what was wrong with me that day.

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What a Presenter Needs to Know

This is a very easy to follow type of video and it’s really helpful to watch if you have a presentation coming up. I love it when a video has someone speaking and doodling at the same time. It makes me pay attention more.

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Camping in Kuwait

The video gives some tips on how to eat the food you love without regretting it afterwards. It’s easy to get tempted into eating fatty and juicy foods because they “taste” good. That is not an excuse. There are much healthier alternatives. It’s all about making the right decisions, especially when it comes to portion sizes.

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I found what might be the coolest youtube channel ever. Not really. But anyways I have never seen a group so talented as CDZA. They take famous songs and mess up their lyrics or their tune. It’s so funny. I love how they never laugh when doing their videos. They’re so serious, which really adds to the humor in it. This is one of their videos that I just love! BTW, in order to actually laugh, you really need to know English songs, both old and new ones.

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The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are YouTube sensations that really captured my attention. I recently found out about them when they performed live on Jay Leno. They’re a group of five guys that are known for their amazing original music videos and covers.

This is some information I found on their website:

But it’s the Guys’ highly original blend of classical music with pop that has really been the cause of an Internet phenomenon that has now brought them to their major label debut album, The Piano Guys, to be released on Sony Masterworks on October 2nd, 2012.

But just who are The Piano Guys? Actually, there’s only one piano player, Jon Schmidt, and one other instrumentalist, Steven Sharp Nelson, on cello. Yet the other three – Paul Anderson, Tel Stewart and Al van der Beek – are equally significant members of the group. The Piano Guys’ name comes from Anderson’s piano store in St. George, Utah, which was called The Piano Guys.

Here’s their version of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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So what is ‘Integrated Advertising’?

Making sense of the term Integrated Advertising through a very cool video.

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Fun Facts About Kuwait??

I found this video on youtube and I have no idea why it really aggravated me. I feel that some of the facts were over exaggerated and they’re not really “fun”. All it talks about is the fact that it’s a rich country. I think it’s missing out on other things, but I don’t know what exactly. What could be considered a fun fact about Kuwait?

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