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Profane Toys Sold in Kuwait

My sister bought a toy for her son. Normal, right? What happens if the toy repeatedly says the word “sex”? My nephew is only 1 year old, so he has no idea what that means. Nonetheless, that toy, which is basically a dancing and singing donkey, should not be sold in Kuwait. There were two types of donkey toys sold in the store. The first one had a hula hoop around it and the song goes like this, “I’M SEXY, I’M SEXY, I’M SEXY!” – in the squeakiest voice ever! My sister was shocked. She pressed the other donkey only to find it to be a normal song, so she bought it. A week later, I was trying to figure out the words of the song. They were really hard to understand because the beat was so fast. The song went like blah blah blah ” cause you did it for sex”. Yes, toys like this are being sold in Kuwait without anyone stopping them. If those words were in a movie, then they would have been censored.

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Tamagotchi ♥

I fell upon this picture and I couldn’t stop thinking of it. Tamagotchi was a familiar word, but I wasn’t able to grasp what it was. I knew it would be some sort of electronic device, so I took the liberty of googling it. Turns out it was one of my favorite games as a kid. It’s basically a handheld, egg-shaped digital pet, which must be taken care of. The pet has many mechanics like eating, sleeping, going to the toliet, being sick and being happy. The pet can die because of lack of care. In the very first versions of the game, the pet must be taken care of especially during its first stages or else it would die. Now, the pet lasts longer and there’s a pause button, so it’s possible to stop playing for a while then coming back to it. I was shocked to find that it is still sold in Japan. After all the research, I looked back at the picture and figured out why it’s funny. iPhones are our new pets/Tamagotchis. We have to take care of our iPhones or else they would die.

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