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Shower Head Changes Color to Save Water


A new shower head system will be out in the market early 2014 that changes color to alert the person that they have spent enough time in the shower. When the water is turned on, the Uji shower head is green and it gradually changes color until it becomes red, which indicates that its time to turn it off . The prototype is currently set to “hit red at seven minutes”, but since it’s still a work in progress the inventors are considering making a version that allows you to set your own time.

The water wouldn’t suddenly turn off because the time is up. It’s like setting an alarm clock, it’s just there to notify you. Shower time, according to one of the co-inventors Brett Andler, has decreased by “12 percent.” It’s priced at $50 and Uji makes sure that you will save “about $85/year installed. It’s great for families with smaller hot water tanks or teens who take too long in the shower.” I can’t wait until this is sold in the US and hopefully soon in Kuwait. It will save water, time and money.

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Heads Up Game

Heads Up is a hilarious and fun game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show, and now it can be played on an iPhone. It’s a mulitplayer game (play it with as many friends you want). Just guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out. When you get it right, you have to tilt your phone forward so that a new word comes out. If your friend can’t act it out, you have to tilt your phone backward, so that you can pass the word and move on to the next. It includes many categories like celebrities, movies, animals, accents and characters.

I played this game with my friends the other day and we couldn’t stop laughing! The best part is that you can film your friends acting in front of you. Then it can be saved and even shared on Facebook.


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Adobe CS6

I have been searching for a long time for a place that sells certain Adobe programs for Mac. I wanted the latest version of Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator (the version is called CS6). I went to iCity and Digits, but they only had older versions. I was so frustrated and I asked around, but nobody knew a place! So, I called up the computer guy my family usually deals with and asked him if he had them. At first, he told me he didn’t, but that he will try to download them and see if it works on my mac. It took him nearly a week to get the programs, but when he finally did I was relieved. He uploaded the programs to my mac in half an hour. The search has ended. If anyone is facing difficulties with getting CS6 in Kuwait, then don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to give you the details of the computer guy.

Email: withsummerlove@live.com

Twitter: @withsummerlove

Instagram: withsummerlove

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Follow The Blog on Pinterest

New applications. It’s the one aspect in life that I must get used to. Yes, applications are a part of my life and it’s a part of all of us now. I consider them necessities to the new way of life. They’re part of the most vital thing for our survival. Technology. Mankind has survived for thousands of years without technology, but once Man had it, there was no going back. Everyday, new things are popping out. Ways to make our lives easier and more “sufficient”.

I believe that will all my heart, but there’s one more aspect of life that has always and will always be part of the living. Business. If it wasn’t for the love and greed for money, then none of this technology would have been developed. Life works that way. These applications and programs are not being developed to satisfy our daily needs. They’re being developed to satisfy some bloke’s investment in a company.

Moving on with life and it’s various applications. I’m here to announce that you can now follow my blog on Pinterest. My username is withsummerlove. Download the application or visit Pinterest online and follow me, even if it means some guy is sitting behind a computer forever counting the amount of money he’s earning.


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My New Holga Camera

My cameras have one thing in common, they’re all digital. Gone were the days when we used to use those Kodak disposable cameras. They were special in one aspect which is that every single picture ends up being printed and arranged in a photo album. A couple of days ago my friend sent me her late birthday present. It was a HOLGA! Now, don’t be alarmed, I never knew what a Holga was until I got one. It’s a blue 135Holga that uses 47mm (no idea what that means). What I love about it is that it’s made out of plastic, so its very light and durable. What’s even more amazing is that it uses film, so I wouldn’t get to see the pictures until they’re developed! Something I just LOVE. My friend got me two film negatives one that uses color and the other is black and white. I can’t wait to use the camera, but FIRST I need to read the manual -.-

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Gift a Pepsi at a Social Vending Machine

A new vending machine by Pepsi came out with a really cool feature. Other than buying a drink, you can now buy a drink for a friend and record a 10 second video for them. The friend receives a text message with a code that they must insert in to a social vending machine. They can then see the video and get the drink. Pepsi have taken social networking into a whole new level. I’m really impressed especially with the fact that it has a touch screen interface. I wish this machine can be brought to Kuwait, but I don’t think that would ever happen.

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Tamagotchi ♥

I fell upon this picture and I couldn’t stop thinking of it. Tamagotchi was a familiar word, but I wasn’t able to grasp what it was. I knew it would be some sort of electronic device, so I took the liberty of googling it. Turns out it was one of my favorite games as a kid. It’s basically a handheld, egg-shaped digital pet, which must be taken care of. The pet has many mechanics like eating, sleeping, going to the toliet, being sick and being happy. The pet can die because of lack of care. In the very first versions of the game, the pet must be taken care of especially during its first stages or else it would die. Now, the pet lasts longer and there’s a pause button, so it’s possible to stop playing for a while then coming back to it. I was shocked to find that it is still sold in Japan. After all the research, I looked back at the picture and figured out why it’s funny. iPhones are our new pets/Tamagotchis. We have to take care of our iPhones or else they would die.

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Scribbly – iPad Stylus

I really want something like this. It’s easy to use and looks really cool. Buy Scribbly

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Pocket Mirror MacBook Air

This is a real mirror and not just some photoshopped picture. It’s freakishly cool. I can imagine telling someone that I can fit my laptop in my pocket and then I magically pull out the mirror. I think at least one person would think that I can actually do that! My 4 year old nephew that is.

Buy It Here

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Modern Art Meets Classical

French photographer Léo Caillard mixes art and technology in his masterpieces. All of his work is based on contrast which really brings out the controversies in life. More of his amazing work could be found on his website. I found this on Go Pantone.

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