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Repetto is Launching a Perfume in 2013

The famous French ballet shoes company, Repetto, will be entering the beauty world in 2013. The company had signed a contract with the fragrance and cosmetics maker, Interparfums, to launch a new line of perfumes. Interparfums is one of the largest fragrance manufacturer that has collaborated with the likes of Burberry and Lanvin, so the quality of the new Repetto perfumes will be top-notch. Philippe Benacin, chairman and CEO of Interparfums, believes that “this universe offers real opportunities for creating a range of poetic, glamorous and ultra-feminine fragrance lines”. That reveals very little about the actual fragrance, so the anticipation is really high for the launch. Just a few more months left!

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My Experience With Ferz



Ferz are light weight shoes originally from Singapore. They’re currently sold in 52 degrees. I got the pink pair as a gift and it was amazing! They’re really comfy and much better looking than Toms. It comes in many different colors and I found out that new colors are coming in soon. They’re perfect for the beach or even for everyday wear. Go to 52 degrees before your size runs out! It’s sold for 18KD.

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Should Be Sold in Kuwait – Converse Dr.Seuss Collection

The newest collection of Converse shoes include the best of the doctor’s rhymes and clues on shoes that come in twos. The Converse Dr. Seuss collection is a celebration of Dr. Seuss and his characters on our most iconic silhouettes.

He’s probably one of my favorite authors.

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