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Muji Has Everything

Bead sofa

I have always used MUJI products, even before they opened in Kuwait. I used to go to the store every year in London to get everything I need. Now, I don’t need to! Their flagship store in Avenues has everything. I recently bought one of their carpets for my room. I have been searching for months for the perfect size, color and material. I found all that in MUJI. I also got bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers that were extremely soft and light weight.

The following was written as part of an email sent to me from MUJI.

Known for its skillful fusion of innovation and practicality in over a range of 3000 products, the retail import from Japan is known for bringing in a notion of simplicity and a sense of calm in every day’s life. Ever wondered how? MUJI’s appeal, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, is its philosophy of “no brand quality goods”—products that are simple in design and unadorned with labels. MUJI revels in ingenuity. Almost all of MUJI products are natural yet delightful, compact yet functional, non-descriptive and yet exceptionally Japanese…

Some of MUJI’s products are a ‘must-have’ for all as they are known for their unique Japanese creativity and functionality. For instance, the famous shrink-wrap, which is packaged as small cubes, is ideal for traveling and hardly takes space in your luggage, and the multi-cape can be worn in 14 different ways, which is perfect to adjust to our lifestyle!

Another best-seller is the MUJI travel neck cushion. MUJI offers you two options, the first one made with 0.5mm styrofoam beads, which provides you with the ultimate comfort when traveling, whether you are in the airport, on the plane, or in the car. The other version is a smart, easy to carry and lightweight cushion foldable into its own pocket-sized travel pouch. Both of them are available in a large variety of colors.

When it comes to storage tricks, no one can beat MUJI as the brand offers semi-transparent storage options that are packable, stackable and collapsible to name some of them the Acrylic makeup boxes or the PP storage boxes are the top products sales of MUJI all over the world.

shelves 2

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The Gone Series Has Come to An End

My very first post on this blog was about a book series that I fell in love with. That was five years ago. In April, the last book from this series was released. The very last one. I can’t believe that six books later I’m still hooked. It takes talent to be that kind of writer. The kind where you never stop reading their work and when its all done, sadness clouds over you. It’s not easy to let go of something that has been a part of your life for half a decade.

The Gone series by Michael Grant should be more famous and successful than Harry Potter or Twilight. It’s that good.

The series starts with Gone, then Hunger, Lies, Plague, Fear, and finally Light.

I don’t think any of the books are sold in Kuwait. I got all of mine from London. Every year, I would go to a bookstore to buy the next book, but many times, I would find that it was sold out. I would have to order it and wait in agony just to be able to read the book. I’m going to miss that. No more waiting for anything, it’s all over now and as Michael Grant puts it, “its the end game”.

For those of you who have access to ebooks, buy the series or at least the first book. The books are really long, but the English is very simple. It’s at a middle school reading level. So, anyone that can understand my writing will have no trouble reading them.

I’m glad my very first post was about the Gone series. I feel proud of myself because now I truly honor Michael Grant’s work as a writer.

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The London List for Foodies

The last couple of times I have been to London, my sister and I have been trying out as many restaurants as we could. We kind of vowed that we wouldn’t go to a restaurant that we have already tried. London’s food is amazing. I took note of all the different restaurants we went to and here’s a list of the restaurants, what kind of food they serve and their addresses. Print this out and use it the next time you’re in London. You won’t regret it.

foodie latest

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London = Hay Fever Allergies

I love London. I love everything about it, the shopping, the shows, the food, heck I even don’t mind the gloomy weather, but what I don’t like is their excessive amount of pollen in the air. Anyone who has hay fever allergies and has been to London knows what I’m talking about. I go there nearly every year and every time it gets worse. Basically, I have to take medicine every single day or else I’m a mess. I’m actually a mess with the medicine in my system, so without it God knows what would happen.

This year in particular it got really bad. I was talking 3 different pills a day, when I’m only supposed to take one and still no use. It’s as if I’m taking no medication at all. Anyways, what happens to me is that I end up sneezing all day and having a red nose and red, itchy, and puffy eyes. It’s not a picture anyone wants to see in their head. Oh and it gets worse at night, and I end up waking up 3-4 times while sleeping, just to sneeze. During the day, it’s not as bad, but I would be so drowsy because of all the pills I’ve taken.

I found an article from The Guardian really helpful to trying to prevent your allergies from taking over. I hope this helps!

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

Other than watching tv shows and stuffing myself with yummy food, I enjoy reading in my free time. I don’t like ordering books online, so I would usually wait until I travel to buy all the books I want. I would always have a long list prepared and then I would spend hours in book shops indulging in the array of books offered. It’s something I enjoy doing, but it causes a problem later on. Books are heavy and since I’m traveling back to Kuwait I need to make sure my luggage isn’t overweight. That is why I decided to start reading ebooks. There are many ebook devices on the market, including Kindle and Kobo.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I was in London during the Christmas break. I got the chance to check out the different ebooks. I ended up choosing the kindle paperwhite.

What really attracted me to get the paperwhite is how much it was in demand. It was sold out in most electronic stores and bookstores, while the Kobo, for example, was always available. I finally got a hold of it in Waterstones. Price wise, it was around 50 KD. I honestly thought it would cost more.


Another reason why I got it is because it’s only an ebook and not a tablet. It doesn’t have applications and the internet is very limited. I want to be able to read without any distractions from applications. Everything about it was inviting, but when I actually bought it and turned it on I faced an annoying problem. The problem was is that the amazon market has very limited books if you live in the Middle East. I literally couldn’t download anything. I slyly changed my address to the US. I thought that I can outsmart them. The next day I got an email saying that I have to have proof that I live there. I was stuck again. But then I realized I have an address in England that I can use and I wouldn’t be lying.

That worked out great and from then on I was able to download ebooks! Then I faced another problem. I need a credit card to download books that aren’t free. I can borrow my dads credit card, but I don’t think I can use the Kuwaiti address on it, since I supposedly live in England. No idea what to do now. Any help would be appreciated.

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The Avenues Phase 3

From experience, there is one thing that Kuwait does best: food. When franchises open up in Kuwait, they usually taste better than they do in the countries they originally came from. There have been countless times where I’d try a restaurant abroad and compare it to my tasting experience in Kuwait. Kuwait always wins me over. When it comes to food, we’re excellent, but when it comes to retail, we’re not as experienced. Shops always seem to be out of stock and the available items are usually a couple of months old. From my personal experience, I bought a couple of shirts from a clothing store in London (whose name I won’t mention). This same store is also found in Kuwait. When I came back to Kuwait, the shirts weren’t sold there. Three months later…the shirts were there, out of fashion and nowhere near the realm of trending fashion fads. Once again, I was disappointed.

Enough with that. SO, I haven’t been to the newly opened phase at The Avenues Mall. Judging from the innumerable photos on Instagram, the place looks beyond amazing. I was only able to view the new project from the exterior just a few days ago. It seems like there are a lot of new restaurants opened there, which I really hope are going to give Kuwait an all-new and extraordinary experience. Aside from the restaurants, there are new RETAIL stores. Hallelujah. It’s about time. Let’s just hope they don’t get ruined and continue to hold their glamorous fashionable touches.

P.S.: This means: less coincidences where people would be wearing the EXACT same outfits.


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2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Here’s the video of last night’s Opening Ceremony (specifically when Kuwait was raising its flag).

The ceremony was a great success for Britain and I’m so proud of the Kuwaiti participants. I wish them all the best of luck! Good thing there’s a schedule of all the games Kuwait will participate in.

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It’s a Matter of Time.

There are a number of days left before I’m back to Kuwait. The break went by so fast. I’m in London right now and in a few days I’m going to Dubai then back to Kuwait. The weather in London has been miserable. It’s raining all the time and there’s very little sunshine throughout the day. Many exciting things happened here, but I want to post about them from my laptop. That’s because all of the really good pictures were taken on my camera. I don’t want to post crappy iPhone pictures. Something random-some of my favorite quotes about time..

“It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth.”
Francois Rabelais

“By the time we’ve made it, we’ve had it.”
Malcolm Forbes

“Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.”
Ambrose Bierce

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Tilt Designs

Tilt is a French graffiti artist, renowned for painting on buildings, and canvases. His recently released print of the Union Jack is made up of lyrics from the Sex Pistols “Anarchy In The UK”. Pictures on walls invited him to East London where he painted his Union Jack large scale on the magic wall of the Village Underground.

Video of his most recent project

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Clusters ❤


I finally found Clusters! I have been looking for this chocolate forever. I searched for it everywhere! My friend told me a couple of months ago that she found it at Sultan Center Sharq, but when I went there it was nowhere to be found. I was devastated! I haven’t had it since August. Lucky for me I found it in Sultan Center Shi3ib or else I don’t think I would survive. At least now I don’t have to wait till my next trip to London just to get it. I love Kuwait and for once I can say that it IS sold in Kuwait. It’s better than the usual fact that so many things can’t be found here.

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