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Another New Year

My favorite post of the year is the New Year’s Eve one. I always get super excited when I write it because it feels like such a relief that another year has passed with things going alright. Sometimes one forgets to be thankful for everything around them. Everything becomes special once it’s lost, so why not take a moment and thank God that you have all of these things. It’s time to look back at this eventful year. I honestly think that since 2011, every year has been more eventful than the next. Whether it was personal or general events, the last three years were filled with memories. I don’t know why, but going back to 2010 is quite hard. I don’t remember much happening then. I really hope things are as stable as they are now. I wish that Kuwait stays peaceful. Even with all the recent problems it has been going through, I still believe that Kuwait is fine. However, just one more mistake from higher authorities can take Kuwait down the drain. We’re living on a fine line here. That’s something that scares me sometimes.

But let’s forget that for a moment to say that I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

PS-I love even numbered years.

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San Francisco’s Fast Free Wi-Fi


In many cities around the world, entire streets are being equipped with machines that offer free Wi-Fi for anyone in the area. The latest city that decided to do this is San Fransisco, which will launch a Wi-Fi network through Market Street and will stretch for 3 miles. Any commuter or resident will be able to use the connection, ad-free and without even the need to log in. The future plan is to offer citywide free connection.

I just wish this could somehow be in the future plans for Kuwait. I don’t think there is one, but hypothetically, if you could write up a list of all the things that need to fixed in Kuwait, what would be your top three things on that list?

Here are mine:

  1. Transportation (we need a decent Kuwaiti airline/and internal transportation like buses, taxis that are safer and cleaner than the ones now)
  2. Retirement (the people that served our country for so long end up doing nothing for like the last 30 years of their life, other countries give retirees projects to work on that would help the country and give more meaning to the person’s life)
  3. Entertainment (our city lost it’s sense of how to have fun, it forgot that it is possible to have events that wouldn’t require so much money or censorship, anything is possible if one was just creative).
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Summer By Kenzo


If I am given a choice to choose from all the perfumes in the world, I would always choose Summer by Kenzo. It is a coincidence that both my blog and the perfume are called Summer. The sad thing is Kenzo stopped selling it a long time ago. I can’t find it anywhere. It came out in 2005 and I was able to find it until around 2010. Now, it’s no where to to be found. I really wish Kenzo sells it again. The best thing about it is that it’s not too strong. It has a floral, powdery smell that doesn’t last long, but it’s so fresh. It’s made up of bergamot and lemon followed by the sensual notes of mimosa and violet with waves of almond milk, musk and amber. If anyone knows where to find it, please do tell.

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Third Qout Market On Its Way

The last time I posted about Qout Market I gave advice for the customers going for the first time. This time I decided to give advice for the organizers. If the January 4th Qout Market remained in the same location as last time, then a few adjustments will surely make it better:

  1. It seems that people don’t listen to the advice of bringing enough cash. Also, very few vendors offer K-net. People then had to go to Al Raya’s ATM machine to get cash. The problem is, the elevators would get even more busy because that means more people are going up and down.  The queue for the ATM machine at one time reached up to 20 people. So my suggestion is to rent an ATM machine and get it upstairs. I recommend to get two.
  2. There should be a vendor that only sells water. Last time, if one was thirsty, you would have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get a bottle of water. Because I was helping out in a booth, I found it easier to get water from Caribou in Al Raya then to wait in line. A simple vending machine, could also be a solution.
  3. Another issue, was the mobile connections. The vendors had their own wifi if they needed it, but what happened is that if people were meeting at the market they were often lost because there’s no connection. Even the internet wasn’t working, but if there was wifi, one could quickly talk on whats app and resolve the problem. Another solution would be to draw some sort of map and distribute it for whoever wants one. That way, it’s possible to meet at a certain point. I got people telling me I’m next to the vendor that’s selling plants-.- you can tell how that went along.
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Muji Has Everything

Bead sofa

I have always used MUJI products, even before they opened in Kuwait. I used to go to the store every year in London to get everything I need. Now, I don’t need to! Their flagship store in Avenues has everything. I recently bought one of their carpets for my room. I have been searching for months for the perfect size, color and material. I found all that in MUJI. I also got bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers that were extremely soft and light weight.

The following was written as part of an email sent to me from MUJI.

Known for its skillful fusion of innovation and practicality in over a range of 3000 products, the retail import from Japan is known for bringing in a notion of simplicity and a sense of calm in every day’s life. Ever wondered how? MUJI’s appeal, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, is its philosophy of “no brand quality goods”—products that are simple in design and unadorned with labels. MUJI revels in ingenuity. Almost all of MUJI products are natural yet delightful, compact yet functional, non-descriptive and yet exceptionally Japanese…

Some of MUJI’s products are a ‘must-have’ for all as they are known for their unique Japanese creativity and functionality. For instance, the famous shrink-wrap, which is packaged as small cubes, is ideal for traveling and hardly takes space in your luggage, and the multi-cape can be worn in 14 different ways, which is perfect to adjust to our lifestyle!

Another best-seller is the MUJI travel neck cushion. MUJI offers you two options, the first one made with 0.5mm styrofoam beads, which provides you with the ultimate comfort when traveling, whether you are in the airport, on the plane, or in the car. The other version is a smart, easy to carry and lightweight cushion foldable into its own pocket-sized travel pouch. Both of them are available in a large variety of colors.

When it comes to storage tricks, no one can beat MUJI as the brand offers semi-transparent storage options that are packable, stackable and collapsible to name some of them the Acrylic makeup boxes or the PP storage boxes are the top products sales of MUJI all over the world.

shelves 2

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Qout Market Tomorrow


The second Qout Market is coming up and I’m so excited. Last time I went there I got some much food. It was crazy crowded, but extremely fun and the atmosphere was amazing. I have a few pieces of advice for people that are going to go there for the first time.

  1. The only things you should have on you is a carry bag, cash and car keys. Don’t carry a purse because then you will have too many  things to carry. Just put your personal items in your pocket or a carry bag. And don’t forget your debit cards in case you run out of cash and need to withdraw from a cash machine.
  2. Come early! Last time many of the vendors were sold out by 3pm. No wonder they made it this time from 10am-7pm. My suggestion, be there at 10am.
  3. Don’t walk around with a huge group. It’s harder to buy and to be able to get what you want if you’re with a lot of people. If you came as a group, separate and then meet up after a while to see what everyone got!
  4. Get your camera. The setting is really beautiful and worth taking pictures of. However don’t take forever taking pictures of the food because people will be waiting in line.


And it was nice finally meeting Kulsum from Journey Kitchen. I really recommend passing by her stand. I’m in love with her packaging and her almond butter was heavenly.

Be there tomorrow from 10am-7pm in the last floor of Al Raya’s parking!

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Nuqat – Executing Culture Shock

Last month, I attended the three-day Nuqat conference about Executing Culture Shock. I really enjoyed my time there. The lectures made me look at art and design very differently. I realized how hard it is to make such beautiful things. Of course things get harder when culture gets involved because people don’t always accept art as a form of expression. Many times, art is censored because the culture wouldn’t accept it. It traces back to traditions and what the current norms are.

One of the lecturers, Alanoud Al Sharekh, talked about censorship and the forbidden in our region when it comes to art and media. Her speech was one of the best. Thank God for technology because all of the lectures are available on Nuqat’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s Al Sharekh’s speech (skip the first 3 min to immediately start with the speech)

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The Butler – Movie Review


For those of you stuck in Kuwait during the Eid, I would really suggest going to the movie The Butler. I can’t remember the last time I spent Eid Al Adha in Kuwait, so before anything Eidkum Imbarak, and I hope everyone enjoys their break (btw I’m not spending it in Kuwait, follow my journey on my Instagram account: Withsummerlove). The best part of Eid is that there are so many movies to watch and most of them are really good. The princess Diana movie is also out and many are recommending me to watch it, but I still didn’t find the time to do it.

The Butler refers to a lot of American history, so for those of you that no nothing about it you might have some difficulty understanding the significance of certain scenes. It talks about the life of a butler that served for a few decades in the White House. The butler was African American and it showed his struggle with his family and how they went through all the racial issues and segregation from the Civil rights movement, to Vietnam and up to this day.


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Shower Head Changes Color to Save Water


A new shower head system will be out in the market early 2014 that changes color to alert the person that they have spent enough time in the shower. When the water is turned on, the Uji shower head is green and it gradually changes color until it becomes red, which indicates that its time to turn it off . The prototype is currently set to “hit red at seven minutes”, but since it’s still a work in progress the inventors are considering making a version that allows you to set your own time.

The water wouldn’t suddenly turn off because the time is up. It’s like setting an alarm clock, it’s just there to notify you. Shower time, according to one of the co-inventors Brett Andler, has decreased by “12 percent.” It’s priced at $50 and Uji makes sure that you will save “about $85/year installed. It’s great for families with smaller hot water tanks or teens who take too long in the shower.” I can’t wait until this is sold in the US and hopefully soon in Kuwait. It will save water, time and money.

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The Sushi Infographic

The best part of this infographic is that it says sushi is good for you, but not when it’s deep-fried and dipped in mayonaise (which is what most sushi in Kuwait looks like). Healthy sushi is the one that has rice, fish and occasionally some vegetables.

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