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Scribbly – iPad Stylus

I really want something like this. It’s easy to use and looks really cool. Buy Scribbly

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Modern Art Meets Classical

French photographer Léo Caillard mixes art and technology in his masterpieces. All of his work is based on contrast which really brings out the controversies in life. More of his amazing work could be found on his website. I found this on Go Pantone.

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3yr Old iPad Addicts

Every year when it comes to Eid, I always notice how much my cousins’ children have grown. Most of them are at the critical age when they copy everything you do. And when given ant sort of toy, they get obsessed with it. The toys in the old days used to be Barbie dolls or toy cars..

Now it’s the iPad :)

Kids three years and older have iPads and if not, they have laptops! It’s so weird when I see all the kids in our Eid gathering intrigued by their gadgets. They wouldn’t let go of them. Oh, and what’s even more amusing some of them even have blackberries. They’re spoiled brats! I remember getting my first mobile when I was 11, but my mom would only allow me to use it if I was going out. I never really got to use it until I was 13 or 14. And I got my first computer when I was 9? I really don’t remember. I know I was also young when I got those gadgets, but I was old enough to actually understand what they’re used for.

Has anyone noticed kids using gadgets not suitable for their age?

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