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Instagram’s First Selfie

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- Credits to Mashable

“Selfie” officially became Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2013 in November. Usage in the English language has increased by a whopping 17,000% since last year, according to Oxford.

Now, let’s take a little trip back to the roots of the the social-media era’s most loved (and loathed) mode of photographic self-expression. It’s probably safe to assume that most selfies still happen on Instagram, where 55 million photos are shared each day. The hashtag #selfie has been used on Instagram 57 million times, the company said. Above, according to Instagram, is the first photo tagged #selfie in the photo-sharing network’s short but illustrious history. It was uploaded on Jan. 16, 2011 by user Jennifer Lee. Then, on Jan. 27, 2011, the day Instagram first introduced hashtags, Lee added the fateful #selfie hashtag.

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I can’t believe it has been so long since my last post. The funny thing is I always update the blog’s Twitter, Instagram and even reply to comments on posts, but I forget to actually post. It’s just that I have been distracted lately and blogging isn’t the top of my list. This time I have no excuse. This has happened to me in the past, but I had the will to start fresh again. I will not be making promises anytime soon because I honestly don’t want to be upsetting anyone.

When I first started reading blogs, I used to be so annoyed when bloggers stopped posting for some personal reason. Now, I truly understand how those bloggers feel. However, I forgot, as a reader, how it feels to not be able to read something you became a fan of. It’s because I stopped reading blogs. All the news that I would read on a blog can now be found on the blogs Instagram account, so why go to the actual website?

Most of my inspiration for my posts came from reading blogs. If the reading part is missing from this equation, then where will my inspiration come from. I don’t want to blame this on Instagram, but on me for being so lazy. I used to spend at least an hour a day catching up with news from different blogs. Maybe, I lost interest on the blogs I read and need new ones to boost my energy.

Any new blogs out there worth reading?


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Restaurants Should Have Websites

I can’t seem to get enough of The Oatmeal. I posted about the website a week ago and I’m loving everything he has on there. One of his comics talked about how bad restaurant websites can be. That brought to mind how underestimated the power of a good website can be to a restaurant. There are so many things that the website could have that would attract more customers. In Kuwait, many of restaurants don’t even have websites. A lot of them rely on social networks, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote the restaurant. From my experience, if I’m looking for let’s say a restaurant’s address, the first thing I do is Google the restaurant. If the restaurant had a website, it would usually be the first hit. However, if it doesn’t, then I would find social network accounts. Those accounts are not always the official restaurants account. Or sometimes, if it’s a franchise, I would be getting the account of the restaurant in another country.

I really think that restaurants should have websites and most importantly they should follow what The Oatmeal explains in this comic.



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Help Me Break Stereotypes

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed two pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago about stereotypes. The reason I made those pictures is because I’m trying to make people more aware about stereotypes. It usually starts because it’s true, but then it’s exaggerated to the extent that it becomes false information. The fact that a stereotype is partly true is not a good thing. That’s because the information even without the lies is negative (e.g. there are Muslim terrorists compared to the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists).

Many stereotypes are out there, and making these pictures and posting them on Instagram is my way of showing that these are stereotypes and not facts. I need help in choosing which stereotypes to post about. First, I would like to ask you to tell me all the stereotypes you know (write-up anything in the comments, I won’t be offended).

The stereotypes that I’m looking for should be about Muslims, Arabs, Kuwaitis, and bloggers. I chose those groups because that’s what I care about. Then, I will post them on Instagram and mention whoever gave me the stereotype. Just to be clear, a stereotype is a generalized (sometimes accurate, but often over generalized) belief about a group of people.

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My Latest Addiction – ZUMBA


The Zumba trend went viral in Kuwait a few years ago, but only now have I realized what the fuss is about. It’s FUN. I have joined gyms and took up walking in order to exercise, but nothing defines a good workout better than Zumba. I’m taking the classes at Rana Fitness Studio in Al Khaldiyah (MAP). The first time I went there, it was free because it was just a trial. The next time I went there I paid KD40 for 10 classes. It’s very convenient. There are night and morning classes with different certified trainers. The classes offered include the following: Zumba, Yoga, HipHop/Dubstep, Warrior Fitness, Masala Bhangra, Drums Alive, BOSU and Zumba Toning. Follow their account on Instagram (Ranafitness) to know the timings of the classes. Not all classes are offered all the time, but Zumba is always available.

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The Social Network Dilemma

Many people are being over dependent on social networks as means of communication.

I have heard this or similar variations of this many times and it seemed to me like it’s an exaggeration of social network users. I really believed that people can survive without social networks, but then a scenario came to mind. Imagine that you miss someone that you have been out of touch with. At some point you bring up the courage to contact them, only to find out that they’re unreachable. It turns out the person changed their telephone number and the only other form of contact was through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The person deleted all three accounts. Oh, and the person lives in another country. All this time you were dependent on the fact that the person had accounts on various social networks. You thought that it’s possible to contact that person whenever you wanted.

Is it the person’s fault for deleting their accounts or is it yours for depending on social networks?

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Kindle Paperwhite Review

Other than watching tv shows and stuffing myself with yummy food, I enjoy reading in my free time. I don’t like ordering books online, so I would usually wait until I travel to buy all the books I want. I would always have a long list prepared and then I would spend hours in book shops indulging in the array of books offered. It’s something I enjoy doing, but it causes a problem later on. Books are heavy and since I’m traveling back to Kuwait I need to make sure my luggage isn’t overweight. That is why I decided to start reading ebooks. There are many ebook devices on the market, including Kindle and Kobo.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I was in London during the Christmas break. I got the chance to check out the different ebooks. I ended up choosing the kindle paperwhite.

What really attracted me to get the paperwhite is how much it was in demand. It was sold out in most electronic stores and bookstores, while the Kobo, for example, was always available. I finally got a hold of it in Waterstones. Price wise, it was around 50 KD. I honestly thought it would cost more.


Another reason why I got it is because it’s only an ebook and not a tablet. It doesn’t have applications and the internet is very limited. I want to be able to read without any distractions from applications. Everything about it was inviting, but when I actually bought it and turned it on I faced an annoying problem. The problem was is that the amazon market has very limited books if you live in the Middle East. I literally couldn’t download anything. I slyly changed my address to the US. I thought that I can outsmart them. The next day I got an email saying that I have to have proof that I live there. I was stuck again. But then I realized I have an address in England that I can use and I wouldn’t be lying.

That worked out great and from then on I was able to download ebooks! Then I faced another problem. I need a credit card to download books that aren’t free. I can borrow my dads credit card, but I don’t think I can use the Kuwaiti address on it, since I supposedly live in England. No idea what to do now. Any help would be appreciated.

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The Avenues Phase 3

From experience, there is one thing that Kuwait does best: food. When franchises open up in Kuwait, they usually taste better than they do in the countries they originally came from. There have been countless times where I’d try a restaurant abroad and compare it to my tasting experience in Kuwait. Kuwait always wins me over. When it comes to food, we’re excellent, but when it comes to retail, we’re not as experienced. Shops always seem to be out of stock and the available items are usually a couple of months old. From my personal experience, I bought a couple of shirts from a clothing store in London (whose name I won’t mention). This same store is also found in Kuwait. When I came back to Kuwait, the shirts weren’t sold there. Three months later…the shirts were there, out of fashion and nowhere near the realm of trending fashion fads. Once again, I was disappointed.

Enough with that. SO, I haven’t been to the newly opened phase at The Avenues Mall. Judging from the innumerable photos on Instagram, the place looks beyond amazing. I was only able to view the new project from the exterior just a few days ago. It seems like there are a lot of new restaurants opened there, which I really hope are going to give Kuwait an all-new and extraordinary experience. Aside from the restaurants, there are new RETAIL stores. Hallelujah. It’s about time. Let’s just hope they don’t get ruined and continue to hold their glamorous fashionable touches.

P.S.: This means: less coincidences where people would be wearing the EXACT same outfits.


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The Socialmatic Camera Soon a Physical Product

“Do you remember the Instagram Socialmatic? It’s a concept camera that made the rounds on the Internet back in May — a camera that lets people snap photos, share them online, and print them out as squared-shared sticky-note-style instant photos. The camera will soon go from digital concept to physical reality: it’s being turned into an actual camera, which is a proposed release date of mid-2013.”

“Trademark infringement issues aside (Instagram is pretty vigilant about defending its trademarked name), the camera has pretty neat specs: 16GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 4:3 touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, LED flash, and an internal printer that takes in special paper cartridges.”


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