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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

“You drive”, said my sister as she walked towards the passenger seat.

I couldn’t believe what she had said. She had never done this before. It was a day before my driving test, so I was well trained, yet the excitement was unnerving. I never got to drive without my driving instructor, so this was a huge step for me.

Without replying, I got the car keys and turned on the car. We were at a place that was literally 3 minutes away from our house. Nonetheless, I was really nervous. Just a few seconds after I started driving, my sister got a call that she had to take. Throughout the entire drive she was busy on the phone while I did everything on my own. It was the best feeling ever. We arrived home safely mostly because I was driving 20km/h, but I still did it. It was definitely an offer I couldn’t refuse.

This was written in 10 minutes as part of the Daily Prompt

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Taking That First Step..

Into what? Into freedom and serenity or in to that void that settles in my heart. Its deep with in my soul. Crawling through the empty walls of my organs. What is it that wants me to do this? To be able to take that first step all by myself. Is it love? Or is it the devotion that wants me to go on? Maybe it’s the courage I lack that’s stopping from doing this. The things I feel make me wonder “what is wrong with me?”. They’re nothing but daunting and excruciating. What if the other side is not ready to welcome me? Am I alone in this mayhem?


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Inspired By?

I can never answer this question without thinking about the most inspiring person I have ever known. Her name is Danderma (a Kuwaiti blogger). Even though she may not know this, but she is truly an inspiration.

I was asked that question a long time ago and I wasn’t able to answer it. It’s hard to explain who she is if someone doesn’t know what a blog is. It’s so weird that in the blogging world there are so many famous people, but at the same time people not into blogs don’t know them. The blogging world never collided with the real world. Even if a blogger was really famous, a person that doesn’t read blogs would not know him or her. So, when will our worlds collide? When will the time come when talking about blogs is a typical question to ask? “So, how’s your blog?” people would say instead of the usual “How are you?”

The next time someone asks me that question I hope my answer wouldn’t be weird to you. A person that inspires you doesn’t have to be famous or historic. They just have to matter to you and what you think.

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Benevenuti a Roma

If you ever had a chance to go to Rome, would you go?
I’ve been there a long time ago. But let’s say, someone gives you the chance to live there with all expenses paid. Would you go? Would you leave Kuwait? Leave the one place that you can actually call home.
It’s a mystery to me how people are able to do that. If it’s just to go study there then it’s okay. Four years is not that much. Even though sometimes those four years can change the entire persons personality. That is, the person will probably come back as a new person. That’s not always a good thing. But to actually go and live there forever. To me, that’s just awful.

BTW, I don’t even know why I wrote Rome. I wanted to write something else, but the amazing spell check changed it to Rome. Great. Now I’m getting inspiration from spell check.


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