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Third Qout Market On Its Way

The last time I posted about Qout Market I gave advice for the customers going for the first time. This time I decided to give advice for the organizers. If the January 4th Qout Market remained in the same location as last time, then a few adjustments will surely make it better:

  1. It seems that people don’t listen to the advice of bringing enough cash. Also, very few vendors offer K-net. People then had to go to Al Raya’s ATM machine to get cash. The problem is, the elevators would get even more busy because that means more people are going up and down.  The queue for the ATM machine at one time reached up to 20 people. So my suggestion is to rent an ATM machine and get it upstairs. I recommend to get two.
  2. There should be a vendor that only sells water. Last time, if one was thirsty, you would have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get a bottle of water. Because I was helping out in a booth, I found it easier to get water from Caribou in Al Raya then to wait in line. A simple vending machine, could also be a solution.
  3. Another issue, was the mobile connections. The vendors had their own wifi if they needed it, but what happened is that if people were meeting at the market they were often lost because there’s no connection. Even the internet wasn’t working, but if there was wifi, one could quickly talk on whats app and resolve the problem. Another solution would be to draw some sort of map and distribute it for whoever wants one. That way, it’s possible to meet at a certain point. I got people telling me I’m next to the vendor that’s selling plants-.- you can tell how that went along.
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Starbucks Reserve Review

I was recently invited to attend an invite only event to get a tour of the newly opened Starbucks Reserve in Avenues. It is the 3rd Starbucks Reserve in the world alongside Amsterdam and Seattle. The interior gives a cozy and warm feel because the coffee shop is encompassed with wooden ceilings, furniture, and flooring. Not only is it the biggest branch world-wide, but it consists of two floors with a lovely view of Grand Avenue. The atmosphere is just wonderful considering that it is very Arabian. The food display is quite different than the other Starbucks branches we are used to. The great thing about Starbucks Reserve is that it provides customers with a selection of freshly baked goods. In addition, the coffee shop offers 2 new types of black coffee. At the end of the tour, I was given a gift that consisted of a Starbucks notebook, a mug, an exclusive coffee flavor and a coffee plant. I would really like to thank Starbucks Reserve for inviting me to this event!

I urge you to visit soon! You won’t regret it!

Written alongside BNM

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