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Don’t Forget to Drink Water

This shows how important it is to drink water at the right time.

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Not Sold in Kuwait – Dogadan Chai

I went to Turkey a few weeks back and if there’s one thing I really miss about the country is their tea. They serve it every where and it’s really good. The day I was coming back, I had some tea in the airport lounge and I fell in love. I saved the tea bag label hoping to find it in Kuwait. I looked for it everywhere here. I even tried ordering it online, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The problem is whenever I try googling it, the results are in Turkish. If anyone sees this tea sold in Kuwait, please share the location! The brand name is Dogadan and the kind of tea is called Buyulu Bohca Chai.


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Drink Warm Water Rather Than Cold Water

I’ve been told by a friend that drinking warm water is better than drinking cold water when you’re thirsty. At first, I didn’t believe her, but after some research I was proven wrong. The brain tricks our body into thinking that we need cold water to cool us down. That’s why you feel that your thirst has been quenched when drinking cold water as apposed to warm water. It turned out that drinking warm water promotes perspiration, which helps cool down your body. It also flushes toxins from your body and purifies your bloodstream. That is why tea is consumed in many cultures during the summer because it actually helps cool your body down. I’m really going to try to stay off cold water!

PS. By warm water I mean room temperature water!

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The Reinvented Imbra6oor!

One of the best juice combinations I have ever tried is orange juice with vanilla flavoring. The first time I tried it was at Pizzetta. I ordered their pizzetta sunriser and fell in love. It’s basically orange juice with vanilla syrup and maybe one other thing. Some of my friends didn’t like the combination, but I loved it. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and sour. I remember ordering two the first time I had it! The problem was, I can’t have that drink a lot because I rarely go to Pizzetta, so I tried something yesterday. What I did was go to a Co-Op’s juice store and order orange juice with vanilla ice-cream. The guy didn’t look pleased with what I had ordered, but he made it anyways. When I tried it, I was overjoyed because the overall taste wasn’t so different from the sunriser. Then, it hit me. The combination of orange juice with vanilla ice cream is just like ordering imbra6or (mango juice with vanilla ice cream) except I’m switching the mango with orange. I thought of calling it the Imbra6ora Summer Sunriser. The ISS. Yeah, don’t worry I’m going to come up with a better name.

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Gift a Pepsi at a Social Vending Machine

A new vending machine by Pepsi came out with a really cool feature. Other than buying a drink, you can now buy a drink for a friend and record a 10 second video for them. The friend receives a text message with a code that they must insert in to a social vending machine. They can then see the video and get the drink. Pepsi have taken social networking into a whole new level. I’m really impressed especially with the fact that it has a touch screen interface. I wish this machine can be brought to Kuwait, but I don’t think that would ever happen.

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Starbucks Bloggers Night

Last Tuesday, Starbucks held an event in the Al Shaya headquarters regarding a new coffee blend. I was invited to try it out and learn about their new improvements. I arrived to the event after going through what felt like a maze – going up and down the stairs and through long hallways! All the bloggers were taken to the Starbucks training room, which looks like a mini version of a Starbucks store. The VP of Starbucks as well as 2 of his partners started talking about the new Starbucks blonde Veranda blend. Then we were each given the drink to taste it. We were even taught how to smell and drink coffee properly. I thought it tasted really good!

After that, we were split into 2 groups. The group I was in went behind the counter to learn how to make a latte. I even got a chance to make one! They told us that they changed the way they make coffee. They used to make foam in a big jug, then pour it into many coffees. Now, they make the foam for each coffee separately using a smaller and easier to use jug. The new way is time consuming, but it makes a thicker, creamier coffee.

Then we were taken into a different room where we were taught about the different coffee blends available at Starbucks. We had a chance to try 3 different coffees. At the same time, plants/fruits associated with each coffee were put next to it. That helped us understand the environment of where the coffee beans grew because that has an effect on its taste.

Finally, everyone went back to the Starbucks training room for a quick Q&A. I suggested to add different types of sandwiches, like bagels, to their menu. Another suggestion I made is that they reduce the portion sizes of their sandwiches! Most of the female bloggers agreed. The males one didn’t! Overall, the experience was amazing. I would like to thank the Starbucks team for holding this event. Thank you also for the starbucks cup and the Veranda blend!


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Know Your Coffees

I’m a typical Kuwaiti tea lover, so coffee is really not my thing. I usually have my tea with milk, but it depends on my mood. Karak tea, Indian version of tea with milk, is just awful. The tea is so strong and I like my tea very light while the milk has the stronger taste. If not, I would drink the tea without anything. On the other hand, the only coffees I like is French, Arabic, and Turkish coffee. The worst in my opinion is American coffee. It’s so bland especially when it’s black. This picture really shows how there’s endless types of coffees! What’s your favorite type of coffee OR are you a tea lover?

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Drink Milk

I have never appreciated the Got Milk? campaign until I realized the benefits of drinking milk. I recently found out that people under the age of 30 should drink 3 to 4 cups of milk daily, while people above 30 should drink 2 to 3 cups. I barely drink 1 cup a day. I love the taste of milk, but I don’t think I can drink a lot of it. I mean, one can’t balance between drinking enough water, milk, and fresh juices, while ignoring all the soft drinks. It’s too hard. The only way that would make me or any of you drink milk if you knew the benefits of milk on your body.

Milk is one of the most nutrient-dense foods. The body needs calcium to strengthen bones and teeth. Consuming enough calcium may help you make up for bone loss that often takes places with aging. Most milk is also fortified with vitamin D, which helps absorb calcium into your body. A cup of milk also provides more than 20% of your daily needs for phosphorus, which also helps with calcium absorption and the maintenance of bone health.

If you cannot drink milk because you are lactose intolerant or a vegan, find alternative sources for calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus to keep your bones healthy. Fortified cereals, soy milk, rice milk and juices contain some calcium and vitamin D. Drinking lactose-reduced milk or consuming a digestive enzyme may help those with lactose intolerance. LINK

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Kino’s Café @ Dubai Mall


There is no better way to lounge than in Kino’s Café. It’s located right in the middle of Kinokuniya in Dubai mall and it over looks the huge water fountains. The food is classic Japanese, but what I really like is their chocolate milk. I’m not a fan of flavored milk, but their’s is an exception. It’s really cold and it has actual chocolate pieces. I know chocolate milk isn’t really Japanese, but they have other things like sushi and shaved ice cream. If anytime you’re in the bookstore and tired from carrying all those books, then stop by Kino’s Café.

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Homemade Frappuccino

I have perfected making my own homemade frappuccino!

I’m so excited because it’s really easy to make. What I use is Jacobs Cappuccino Specials (Toblerone) from Sultan Center. It’s perfect because the taste of coffee is not very strong and it has tiny Toblerone chunks. First of all, I pour 1 cup of room temperature water into a jug and use one sachet of coffee. Then I mix them together. After that, I strain it at least three times (to get rid of the froth) and then I pour it into the blender. I also add some ice and sugar. I let it blend until all the ice is completely crushed. Then I strain the drink one more time before pouring it in a glass. The final touch is to put whip cream on the top. I use Baskin Robbins Whipped Light Cream which can be found in most Co-Ops. The steps seem long, but in only it takes 5 minutes to prepare!

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