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Charging Electronics

The most exhausting task I can ever do is..

To charge some sort of electronic device. Don’t get me wrong the task is not hard. It’s just repetitive and boring to the extreme that I feel exhausted. I always wonder for how long I will keep on doing this. I need to charge so many things: my phone, my laptop, my ipod and my camera. Sometimes, they’re all charging at the same time. I have to wait for a long time for everything to be fully charged. I then use it for a couple of hours and soon enough the battery is dead. I wish there was an easier way to do this. I think a universal charger should be invented. All electronics would be charged at the same time using one power socket, but in the shortest time possible. It would have several wires coming out of if that can be lengthened easily. That means all devices would have the same charger port (the small hole where the charger goes into the device). It would be practical and convenient for people on the go. Also, the charger would not heat up no matter how long you used it. That would make things much better for me. If only someone smart enough can invent this. I really need to find a solution for this. It’s my aim for this summer.

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