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Not Sold in Kuwait – Dogadan Chai

I went to Turkey a few weeks back and if there’s one thing I really miss about the country is their tea. They serve it every where and it’s really good. The day I was coming back, I had some tea in the airport lounge and I fell in love. I saved the tea bag label hoping to find it in Kuwait. I looked for it everywhere here. I even tried ordering it online, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The problem is whenever I try googling it, the results are in Turkish. If anyone sees this tea sold in Kuwait, please share the location! The brand name is Dogadan and the kind of tea is called Buyulu Bohca Chai.


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Not Sold in Kuwait – Lays French Fries Chips

I can never live without potato chips. I’m so addicted to it that when I travel I must pack chips with me. One of the best parts about traveling is going to the supermarkets and trying out new chips. My favorite chips was in Cyprus. It was Lays chips, but with a French Fries flavor. You see, French fries is another one of my addictions. Those chips were a perfect combination. They have the perfect crisp and saltness. The thing that I didn’t expect is that they actually tasted like french fries! #love

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Post-it Watch

Life would me much easier if I had one of these! I wish they were sold in Kuwait.

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Not Sold In Kuwait – Fashion Magazines

Fashion magazines are rarely found in Kuwait. Of course, I’m only referring to the American and European ones. If I ever find one, I regret buying it because of two reasons. It either came out two months ago or is covered with black ink. The black ink is supposedly used to cover parts of a models body. What’s ironic is that sometimes they scribble on stuff that don’t need covering and leave out the things that should be. The thing is, this dilemma is only found in Kuwait and probably KSA, but everywhere else Fashion magazines are just like any other magazine.

I will never forget the time when I went to Singapore and saw their magazines. I remember buying a February issue of a magazine when it was only the beginning of December! Basically, that means that magazines are being sold a long time before the date written on it. In Kuwait, though, we would receive that magazine in late march. So, it takes Kuwait 3 or more months to get in magazines.

Where can I find good magazines in Kuwait?

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Should Be Sold In Kuwait – Hollywood Gum

Probably my favorite type of gum after Trident. I really wish someone would get this gum to Kuwait!

Hollywood Gum

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Kuwait Needs..


..Better coffee! It’s been a while since new coffee shops have been opening up in Kuwait. Starbucks keeps on opening in new places, but isn’t everyone fed up with it? Why isn’t there a competitor in the market that can go against it? I honestly don’t mind their coffee, but I’d rather have something new for a change. The thing is there are many coffee places, but they aren’t as widespread as Starbucks. There isn’t a decent coffee place nearby other than Starbucks of course.

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Skype Is NOT Prohibited In KWI

The last time I traveled, I remember using the computer in the Pearl lounge in Kuwait International Airport. I remember clearly seeing that there was a Skype icon on the desktop. I was shocked because at home, you can’t access it. I actually have Skype on my iPhone, so it’s not a big deal. But how come Skype works normally in the airport? I remember also seeing that the internet was Quality Net. Our house uses that too! I really want to find out why it’s allowed there. And why was it even prohibited in the first place?

This is what appears on the screen when accessing Skype at home.

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Should Be Sold in Kuwait- Edible Shoe Cream

Po-Zu’s edible shoe cream is made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, sourced from Sri Lanka and certified by the Soil Association. It’s a multi-tasking product, not just a natural way to shine your shoes and snack, but it can also be used for cooking, in drinks, as hair conditioner, lip balm and moisturizer. How’s that for one tub of shoe cream? To be honest, I haven’t tried it. I do hope though that it would be sold in Kuwait.  LINK

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Welcome to Kuwait

What do you do during your free time?

Seriously, what do you do in this heat? Nothing! If this question were asked in cooler countries, then you’d be given an entire list of what to do. Here in Kuwait, there’s nothing other than eating, sleeping, and going to school/work. Its a boring life when compared to other countries. Oh and I forgot we also have shopping malls and cinemas.

So welcome ..

List of the things we have, but aren’t worthy going to:

1. Few museums

2. Old and dirty water parks and theme parks

3. Few masra7iyas (shows) that suck.

4. Public parks that only non-kuwaitis go to during the 3 months of winter

.. anything more to add?

People that have fun in Kuwait are the ones that have family, friends and a chalet/diwaniya to bring them all together. So, people that don’t like social gatherings (3irs, milcha, 5o6ooba, yam3a, ghabga, istiqbal, 7afla, a3yad…) would hate their life in Kuwait.

What do you do in kuwait?


Loacker Fan

Something I can’t live without would be: Tortina Loacker! It’s just so tasty, much better than any of the other loacker products. I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but this is by far my favorite type. I usually eat the original, mini size.

Anyways, while I was browsing through the loacker website, I noticed that they have many different types of chocolate not sold in Kuwait. They have chocolate bars, gift packages and loacker sticks. Apparently, they even have their own coffee shop called Loacker Moccaria.

Have you ever tried it? Isn’t it just amazing?

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