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I’m Back

I hate being lazy, but that’s what happens when I’m sick. I’ve been back since Tuesday, but I never got the chance to even turn on my laptop. The funny thing is I didn’t get sick in London (where it’s really cold). Instead, I became sick while in Dubai where the humidity and heat are unbearable. I only started getting better today. Before I forget I would like to say Mbarak alaikum al shahar. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their time with their families and loved ones.


It’s a Matter of Time.

There are a number of days left before I’m back to Kuwait. The break went by so fast. I’m in London right now and in a few days I’m going to Dubai then back to Kuwait. The weather in London has been miserable. It’s raining all the time and there’s very little sunshine throughout the day. Many exciting things happened here, but I want to post about them from my laptop. That’s because all of the really good pictures were taken on my camera. I don’t want to post crappy iPhone pictures. Something random-some of my favorite quotes about time..

“It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth.”
Francois Rabelais

“By the time we’ve made it, we’ve had it.”
Malcolm Forbes

“Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.”
Ambrose Bierce

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My Trip – Continued


Luck was truly on our side for most of this trip. The thing is, Italy was starting to win in the Eurocup! We were so excited for the Italy vs Germany game. The amazing thing is that in Milan, next to the Duomo Cathedral, there’s a huge TV that displays the game and thousands of fans line up to watch it. We missed the first half of the game, but we were still there when Italy won against Germany! It was soo much fun! The Italians were crazy! They started firing fire works and cheering like mad! Now, we weren’t lucky the second time. When the final against Spain came, well Italy losing 4-0 is quite disappointing. Everyone was so frustrated by the first half and a lot of people left by that time. We didn’t stay till the end either. It was so sad and it took all our excitement away.

PS, I’m not a fan of the Eurocup or of Italy, but I do love watching soccer games. I just had to cheer for Italy because we were there. Wouldn’t want to get beaten up.

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My Trip So Far


Not going to bore you with all the details, but here are the highlights of my vacation. First of, I traveled to Milan. It’s my second time in Italy, so I kind of knew what to expect. It was disappointing that there weren’t a lot of worthy touristic places + it was extremely hot. We stayed at the Boscolo Hotel which is right next to the Duomo (a huge piazza with a cathedral in the center). The hotel was very modern, but comfortable – highly recommended. There are so many shopping streets and outlets to go to. I mean Milan is known for it’s fashion industry, so shopping there is a must. We visited Lake Como that was recommended by so many people. It’s nice, but I don’t get the fuss about it. There’s a lake, mountains, and
a couple of restaurants. We went up one of the mountains, but other than the amazing view, there’s nothing. We also visited Gardaland. It’s a movie theme park. It requires an entire day or even more to get through most of the rides. We went there only for a couple of hours, but it was worth it. Really great rides! I just love roller coasters and there are great rides for kids too. We got the chance to visit Venice. It’s a long ride to get there, but it was worth it. In a bunch of hours we were able to see most of it. I think if one spent two days in it, it would be enough. There’s not much to do. We also went to Verona, another major city. It’s known for the Romeo and Juliet play. It’s worth going to and exploring the place. It’s not very big, but it’s filled with things to do. That’s it for now. More posts about the trip coming up!

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I’m Off

I can’t believe summer is halfway done! I’m traveling tonight and by the time I’m back it’s going to be Ramadan. The past month was very busy, so the next three weeks will be 100% relaxation – I hope. I just finished packing, but I still didn’t prepare posts for when I’m gone. I left it last because it’s time consuming and I really needed inspiration to hit before I start writing. The other thing I have to do is to get a camera cover for my new camera! I’m going to be posting it about it soon. It’s a Canon G1X and that’s what I’m going to use for when I’m traveling. I wish you all the best. Enjoy every bit of your summer and never give up on your dreams!

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Milan Hotel Suggestions

My family and I have been thinking of going to Milan this summer. We’re still not sure if we’re going because we want to keep our options open. We have been asking around a lot about which hotel is the best, but we can’t seem to decide on one. An ideal hotel would be one that is in the center with good service and new, clean rooms.

Has anyone been there? Where did you stay?

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Kino’s Café @ Dubai Mall


There is no better way to lounge than in Kino’s Café. It’s located right in the middle of Kinokuniya in Dubai mall and it over looks the huge water fountains. The food is classic Japanese, but what I really like is their chocolate milk. I’m not a fan of flavored milk, but their’s is an exception. It’s really cold and it has actual chocolate pieces. I know chocolate milk isn’t really Japanese, but they have other things like sushi and shaved ice cream. If anytime you’re in the bookstore and tired from carrying all those books, then stop by Kino’s Café.

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Locker Service in Dubai Mall

My one day travel experience to Dubai wouldn’t have been complete without Dubai Mall’s locker service. It has opened up in the beginning of this year, but we only found out about it while shopping that day. We didn’t have any luggage because we didn’t feel like dragging them all day.

Halfway through the day, we realized that we were carrying too many bags and our hands/shoulders started to hurt! So, we started asking around where the locker service was, and we finally found it in the end of The Grove. The woman in the reception was very polite and explained to us the process. All you have to do is sign up with your information, pay and they would keep your things till midnight the same day (items could be kept for a longer period).

This is something that should be found in malls in Kuwait. Just saying.

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Bloomingdale’s Dubai – New York Extravaganza

Continuing with the amazing one day trip to Dubai, I must say that it has been a positive shopping experience. Bloomingdale’s had a really cool display outside the store. They tried to make it look like New York as much as possible! They had the famous King Kong with the mistress on his shoulder rather than his hand. They also had bagel, hotdog and pizza stands all over the store. I have been to New York many years ago and they have nearly perfected it. They only forgot to add one thing. Garbage. New York was by far the worst city when it comes to cleanliness. Overall, Bloomingdale’s really did an amazing job!

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One Day Trip To Dubai

Dubai is like a a fourth home to me, after my real home, my chalet and London. It’s a place that I have been going to ever since City Center Dubai opened it’s doors many years ago. I usually go there several times a year, but it’s the first time that I go there for only one day. It was such a rush, but the excitement never died away. We went on Friday morning and came back the same night. It was the same day that Kim Kardashian along with her mother, Kris Jenner, were opening the Millions of Milkshake store in Dubai Mall! That day was dedicated to shopping and, if the time permits, going to see Kim and Kris! I will explain everything in the next several posts. But before anything, has anyone noticed this in Kuwait’s airport?

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