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Muji Has Everything

Bead sofa

I have always used MUJI products, even before they opened in Kuwait. I used to go to the store every year in London to get everything I need. Now, I don’t need to! Their flagship store in Avenues has everything. I recently bought one of their carpets for my room. I have been searching for months for the perfect size, color and material. I found all that in MUJI. I also got bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers that were extremely soft and light weight.

The following was written as part of an email sent to me from MUJI.

Known for its skillful fusion of innovation and practicality in over a range of 3000 products, the retail import from Japan is known for bringing in a notion of simplicity and a sense of calm in every day’s life. Ever wondered how? MUJI’s appeal, for those who are unfamiliar with the brand, is its philosophy of “no brand quality goods”—products that are simple in design and unadorned with labels. MUJI revels in ingenuity. Almost all of MUJI products are natural yet delightful, compact yet functional, non-descriptive and yet exceptionally Japanese…

Some of MUJI’s products are a ‘must-have’ for all as they are known for their unique Japanese creativity and functionality. For instance, the famous shrink-wrap, which is packaged as small cubes, is ideal for traveling and hardly takes space in your luggage, and the multi-cape can be worn in 14 different ways, which is perfect to adjust to our lifestyle!

Another best-seller is the MUJI travel neck cushion. MUJI offers you two options, the first one made with 0.5mm styrofoam beads, which provides you with the ultimate comfort when traveling, whether you are in the airport, on the plane, or in the car. The other version is a smart, easy to carry and lightweight cushion foldable into its own pocket-sized travel pouch. Both of them are available in a large variety of colors.

When it comes to storage tricks, no one can beat MUJI as the brand offers semi-transparent storage options that are packable, stackable and collapsible to name some of them the Acrylic makeup boxes or the PP storage boxes are the top products sales of MUJI all over the world.

shelves 2

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Guest Post – Living Room Remodeling Tips

With all the time we tend to spend in our living rooms, it is no surprise that every now and again we may want to change things up a bit. There are so many ways to do this, it is almost astonishing that we don’t do it more often. Whether you are in the mood for a total change or just an upgrade, here are some quick tips to make your living room feel new again.

Turn the whole thing around! If the room itself without furniture is symmetrical, you can flip all of the décor by 180 degrees. You know it will fit and you will be shocked to see how different the room will look from this simple but effective change.

Add some plant life to the room. Green plants around the room will not only brighten the room, it will add oxygen to your home, detoxify your body, relieve stress, and just generally make you feel better. Head to the local nursery and check out the options!

Reupholster your old furniture. You would not believe how easy and cheap it is to do this simple carpentry work. Start by picking out which pieces could use an upgrade. Measure the amount of fabric used to cover them. Head to the fabric store and buy enough in the print you like (buy extra just to be safe). Bring it all home, cut it to size, and start stapling!

Spruce things up with a few new throw pillows, an area rug, or a decorative blanket. These are pieces that may need to be replaced anyway and so opt for colors that are different from you previously had.

You can always add a shelf or two and decorate them with trinkets you own but haven’t known what to do with. Or buy some scented candles in pretty colors. The options are endless once you start using a little creativity!

About the Author: Patrick O’Houlihan reviews home products, like cheap sheer curtains. He has a love for interior design and is very proud of his recently remodeled patio.

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Tree Hotel

The other day, I found out about a new hotel concept that I simply fell in love with. It’s the perfect honeymoon destination. It’s somewhere in Sweden, but its far away from the city. The hotel consist of 24 rooms in the middle of a forest where each room is on top of a tree. It overlooks a river and its surrounded by mountains. There are so many activities offered by the hotel that vary based on the season. This place is definitely on my bucket list.


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Vintage Camera Pillow

I really want this for my room. I have been looking for a while for something that looks like this!


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Interior Design – Done?

I really wish I can say that I’m done. I’ve been wanting to say it for nearly a month now. Ever since Ramadan started, I began rearranging my room. I thought it would be an easy process, but I was completely wrong. It takes hard work and commitment. I started off with getting a new desk and a dressing table. So, I went to Emporium in Al Rai and got both. The hard part is having to take everything out of the two tables. At the same time I had to throw out all my old stuff! That took forever. But once that was finished, I was relieved. The best part is that when the desk and dressing table arrived, I ended up throwing away more stuff. Now both are organized, but I wasn’t done yet. I had to get a mirror for my dressing table and I ended up getting two smalls ones (also from Emporium). In addition, I got a new couch and a new shelf too. I also changed my headboard and curtain! The colors that I finally choose for my room were purple, white and grey! I choose the white and grey thanks to the help I got from my Twitter followers!

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Miraculous Touch-Ups: Continued

Guest Writer: BNM

Here are more ways to arrange your room in a stylish and unique way:

The Multi-Tasking Cabinet - Simple & Sophisticated

If you’re low on space, this is the ideal way to maintain your organized ways. It’s an amazing and reliable way that helps make your residence appear spacious in the eyes of visitors. I’m in love with modern designs, so I love this look!           *Can be found at: Pottery Barn, IKEA, or any other furniture stores.

The Famous Detached Shelf

You can use shelves for books, art pieces, or even candles. It’s a way to save space and to touch up your room with a radiant atmosphere. Thus, you’re showing your artistic side along with displaying your belongings.

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An Expose on Interior Design: Miraculous Touch-Ups

Guest Writer: BNM

Let’s be realistic. Your room is either extremely simple or exceptionally messy. There’s no in-between when it comes to the world of interior design. Personally, I’m quite organized, but in some cases, my room looks like a disaster. Considering the fact that it’s physically impossible to never make even the tiniest mess wherever you’re working or lounging, I went on a search for simple ways to keep things both organized and attractive. You don’t want your room to look like a storage room for God’s sake! So, here are some ways to spice up your room and stay organized at all times..

Instead of using a headboard, use a portrait. This way you can add art to your room.

Portraits can be used as a headboard! My friend has one in her room and it’s the first thing I notice every time I visit her room. It really gives the room color and makes the walls look high. If you’re obsessed with vintage, you can add huge a painting with Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn’s face on it. The final look is gorgeous!

I love trunks! They give rooms a classic touch!

Utilizing trunks is an amazing way to save space! They can serve as table-tops and book storage space. You can even lock them to store your valuable items instead of using the out-dated “tejooree”!

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Easy Way to Save Space

An award-winning Hong Kong architect has managed to squeeze 24 rooms – including a home cinema and ”spa” – into 344 square feet of apartment space.

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