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Summer By Kenzo


If I am given a choice to choose from all the perfumes in the world, I would always choose Summer by Kenzo. It is a coincidence that both my blog and the perfume are called Summer. The sad thing is Kenzo stopped selling it a long time ago. I can’t find it anywhere. It came out in 2005 and I was able to find it until around 2010. Now, it’s no where to to be found. I really wish Kenzo sells it again. The best thing about it is that it’s not too strong. It has a floral, powdery smell that doesn’t last long, but it’s so fresh. It’s made up of bergamot and lemon followed by the sensual notes of mimosa and violet with waves of almond milk, musk and amber. If anyone knows where to find it, please do tell.

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The Avenues Phase 3

From experience, there is one thing that Kuwait does best: food. When franchises open up in Kuwait, they usually taste better than they do in the countries they originally came from. There have been countless times where I’d try a restaurant abroad and compare it to my tasting experience in Kuwait. Kuwait always wins me over. When it comes to food, we’re excellent, but when it comes to retail, we’re not as experienced. Shops always seem to be out of stock and the available items are usually a couple of months old. From my personal experience, I bought a couple of shirts from a clothing store in London (whose name I won’t mention). This same store is also found in Kuwait. When I came back to Kuwait, the shirts weren’t sold there. Three months later…the shirts were there, out of fashion and nowhere near the realm of trending fashion fads. Once again, I was disappointed.

Enough with that. SO, I haven’t been to the newly opened phase at The Avenues Mall. Judging from the innumerable photos on Instagram, the place looks beyond amazing. I was only able to view the new project from the exterior just a few days ago. It seems like there are a lot of new restaurants opened there, which I really hope are going to give Kuwait an all-new and extraordinary experience. Aside from the restaurants, there are new RETAIL stores. Hallelujah. It’s about time. Let’s just hope they don’t get ruined and continue to hold their glamorous fashionable touches.

P.S.: This means: less coincidences where people would be wearing the EXACT same outfits.


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Repetto is Launching a Perfume in 2013

The famous French ballet shoes company, Repetto, will be entering the beauty world in 2013. The company had signed a contract with the fragrance and cosmetics maker, Interparfums, to launch a new line of perfumes. Interparfums is one of the largest fragrance manufacturer that has collaborated with the likes of Burberry and Lanvin, so the quality of the new Repetto perfumes will be top-notch. Philippe Benacin, chairman and CEO of Interparfums, believes that “this universe offers real opportunities for creating a range of poetic, glamorous and ultra-feminine fragrance lines”. That reveals very little about the actual fragrance, so the anticipation is really high for the launch. Just a few more months left!

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I Have Nothing To Wear

There is one false statement that most people have said at least once in their lifetime and that is, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR”. Anyone that says that surely has a closet full of clothes that still have their labels on. So, why is it that they have “nothing” to wear? It is because of society’s inhumane way of thinking and I shall be talking about it from my Kuwaiti perspective. I have heard of people who wouldn’t wear the same piece of clothing twice. Spoiled much?! That is just sick. I believe that clothes should be worn in their season as many times you feel like. That does not mean you don’t have anything else to wear which is what most people will think. What you wear doesn’t define who you are, although there is one aspect that I agree on when it comes to the society’s way of thinking. It is that wearing the same thing to the same place with the same people more than a few times is social suicide.

Everyone has something to wear in their closet, but where I think the statement comes from is that people don’t know how to choose their clothes in a hurry. They panic and presume that they have nothing to wear. I have a couple of solutions to that. One, always have three emergency outfits. They should always be there. Each of them should fit an occasion that you would usually go to, like maybe dinner, or a gathering. That way if you had nothing to wear in mind, you have an option that is ready. Second solution, is to have an organized closet. It could be coordinated however way you like it. That way, you’ll make sure you can find your clothes easily. My final solution is dedicated to people who work or go to school without a set uniform. Before the weekend ends, have five outfits ready to be worn for each day of the week. It may take time, but it’s worth it.

Please try to avoid saying you have nothing to wear because that is not TRUE.

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Magic Bottle – Dry Shampoo

Found this article really interesting on the beauty department! Thought I’d share it with you guys.

Dry shampoo is a super-fine powder that comes in spray-on, dust-on and shake-on forms. Its main purpose is to soak up the oil your scalp produces, which is what makes our hair look dirty. This brilliant cylinder of dust can literally take the hair from looking oily and limp to looking freshly blown out in one quick POOF! Consider it like facial blotting papers, but for your hair.

What are the benefits of dry shampoo?

First of all, when you apply dry shampoo, you’re allowing your natural oils to stay in contact with your hair longer, which is good. The reason we don’t usually like to do that is because after a while, it looks, um, gross. Dry shampoo = best of both worlds. Oils can stay put, nourishing the hair, while the powder takes away the unwanted sheen!

Some of you thermally straighten your hair with a blow dryer and/or flat iron. When you do that, you want to make it last as long as possible so you’re not over doing it with heat styling. Putting dry shampoo on freshly straightened locks can easily extend the life of a blow out. Oil, sweat and moisture lead to curls coming back. Applying dry shampoo to the roots before working out or stepping out into warmer weather can significantly slow that down by soaking it all up!

Ladies with short hair and bangs, your hair comes in constant contact with your forehead, picking up the oils from your face, causing annoying, unwanted separation which you justify by calling it “whispy”. A burst of dry shampoo WILL. FIX. IT. It also gives incredible added texture to short, cropped hair when applied on top of a water based pomade or paste.

Most of my clients with thick, coarse or naturally curly hair used to think they couldn’t use dry shampoo. Truth is, they can and should. When hair is super thick, curly or coarse, it naturally lacks moisture because oils don’t travel down the hair as quickly. Going one extra day between washings can help natural oils make their way down the hair shaft that much further. If the hair is very dry, try lightly applying dry shampoo on the part only, and putting a little jojoba oil on the ends.

The only people who don’t really need dry shampoo are those of you who don’t produce much oil or those of you that have a dry scalp. The few who can go 3-5 days without so much as a glimmer of unwanted sheen are very lucky. Just be sure you’re properly conditioning and getting nourishment to the ends of your hair!

When do you put it on?

Dry shampoo goes on air dried or blow dried hair. Not on wet hair. Originally I thought it was best to put dry shampoo on your roots when it started to look dirty. Maybe 2 or 3 days after you blow dry, and that’s still great! But my favorite thing now is to put it on right after I blow the hair out.  That way, as the oils come out, it “catches” them. This keeps it from getting dirty and flat to begin with. I’ve come to find that dry shampoo on clean hair leads to extra bounce and volume. The ultimate trick with ANY dry shampoo is patting it in. Not brushing, not wiping with your hand, just patting it lightly until it blends in. This is how you stay away from it looking “powdery”.

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Typewriter Necklace

I really love this. The design is very simple, yet the details on the necklace are very intricate. I love the fact that the tiny paper has writing on it. That makes it seem vintage. It’s a gold plaited handmade necklace from Penelope’s Porch.

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Wearing Socks

Random. I know, but wearing socks has been a small issue that I have been trying to deal with. I used to wear socks all the time when I’m at home, even when I’m sleeping. Then I heard from several people that it’s not good to wear them when sleeping because it can stop the blood flow of your feet. The thing is that’s only true if your socks are tight. At some point I believed those people and stopped wearing socks at night even though they were really loose. As a result, I stopped wearing them unless my shoes required them. Whenever I wear socks now it annoys me to hell! I seriously can’t stand them anymore. That means my feet are always cold, and my skin has become rough! All of that happened because I was stupid enough to believe that wearing socks at night has an effect on circulation. Well, I used to wear them ALL day long. If wearing them at night had an effect then it should have the same effect when wearing them during the day. So, if anyone tells you that wearing socks has an effect on circulation DON’T LISTEN TO THEM.



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Bloomingdale’s Dubai – New York Extravaganza

Continuing with the amazing one day trip to Dubai, I must say that it has been a positive shopping experience. Bloomingdale’s had a really cool display outside the store. They tried to make it look like New York as much as possible! They had the famous King Kong with the mistress on his shoulder rather than his hand. They also had bagel, hotdog and pizza stands all over the store. I have been to New York many years ago and they have nearly perfected it. They only forgot to add one thing. Garbage. New York was by far the worst city when it comes to cleanliness. Overall, Bloomingdale’s really did an amazing job!

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Creepy Mannequin!


I saw this in a shop called Melon in Discovery Mall. They’re definitely not trying to attract kids to their shop!

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Feather Hair Extensions – Yay?

This trend has been going on for a while in the west, but it has recently hit Kuwait. Many girls are putting on feather hair extensions. They’re not the bulky clip-in type, instead they’re thin and styled along with a girl’s hair. They look really cute if you know how to style them. It really works if you had dark black hair because any feather color would work with it. I think that brunettes, blondes and redheads shouldn’t follow this trend. It doesn’t look good on all hair colors. The feather lasts in your hair for up to 2-7 weeks. It’s not permenant because it’s treated like normal hair. It can be straightened, washed, blow-dried and curled. I think this trend is really cute, but it really worries me. If feathers are in our hair now then what would happen next? Clothes or shoes that have feathers on them would be really UGLY (I’m really hoping that it wouldn’t be the next trend).

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