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February is Here!


February = best month of the year. Kuwait should be known for this festive month. I keep on hearing that Kuwait wants to increase “tourism” and one of their ways is to do it through February. It’s the shortest month of the year. The weather is perfect in Kuwait and towards the end of the month everyone’s in a good mood. The songs on the radio, the flags, the kids wearing traditional clothing. It makes everyone more positive and patriotic.

Personally, this month is very eventful. Today, I’m going to be in Qout Market for my project Nira Concept. My greeting cards will be available in the K Store. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th, I’m going to be in Al Mubarakiya Expo. I have been preparing for these two events for the past two weeks and I still have errands to run. It’s been a hectic January, but I think that February is going to pay off. Of course, the last week of February, when the real celebrations begin, I’m going to be spending it with my family in the chalet.

What are your plans for February?

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The Social Network Dilemma

Many people are being over dependent on social networks as means of communication.

I have heard this or similar variations of this many times and it seemed to me like it’s an exaggeration of social network users. I really believed that people can survive without social networks, but then a scenario came to mind. Imagine that you miss someone that you have been out of touch with. At some point you bring up the courage to contact them, only to find out that they’re unreachable. It turns out the person changed their telephone number and the only other form of contact was through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The person deleted all three accounts. Oh, and the person lives in another country. All this time you were dependent on the fact that the person had accounts on various social networks. You thought that it’s possible to contact that person whenever you wanted.

Is it the person’s fault for deleting their accounts or is it yours for depending on social networks?

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Stop Being Stubborn

Change does happen and don’t ever forget that. The way you feel about someone or something can change without even realizing it. The example I have for this is from a long time ago. I was in elementary school.

I remember how all the kids would run outside to the playground to sit at their favorite spot during recess. They would all be carrying their lunchboxes packed with goodies ready to be consumed. Small groups would sit together, some on the grass and others on benches. All the kids would get out their lunchboxes and see what their maids or parents prepared for them. Some were lucky and got junk food. I wasn’t. I usually got a homemade sandwich, Kitco chips and KDD juice. I would get super excited if my sandwich was a kind I liked. I don’t remember what I used to like, but I do remember what I hated the most. Mortadella. To me, it was the most disgusting thing ever. I couldn’t stand its smell. I hated it so much that every time I found it in my sandwich I would become so angry at whoever made. I hated it. That was a long time ago. I never really thought about eating it again until 10 years later. I remember having it with saj (flat round bread), cheese and mayo. It tasted so good. I yearn for the years that had gone by without having mortadella. Why had I been so stubborn? I used to hate it at some point, but that doesn’t mean I should hate it forever. I should have taken a risk sooner than 10 years and given it another chance. All I’m thankful for is that it’s not more than 10 years. What would have happened if hadn’t tried it again?

I know this may seem too dramatic, but base this on something more complicated in life. It’s really easy to be stubborn and to ignore the signs around you. It’s hard to change, but everything is possible. You see, I love mortadella now.


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Saying that I have been busy the past couple of weeks is a lie. I have been lazy. I have been somewhat busier than usual, but I know I had enough time to blog. It just seems that I’m never in the mood to blog anymore. That and because my laptop is becoming extremely slow and annoying. Wait, scratch that. I shouldn’t blame my laziness on my laptop. I would just like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’m twelve days late, but it still counts. I will not promise to start posting like I used to in the past, but whenever I do just know that it was a good day for me. A really good day. And today was a good day. Kuwait has won against KSA in the and has advanced to the semi-finals. GO KUWAIT.

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Word of Advice


What a week! I couldn’t rest for a single moment. It’s a lame excuse for not posting, but I learned that I should never post when I’m in a rush. A few weeks backs, I was searching for a something I posted a couple of months ago. When I read it, I was blown away by how many grammar and fluency mistakes I had. I usually reread my posts several times before posting them to make sure they’re presentable. I ended up rewriting it and I took my time doing it.

I learned a lesson that can be based on many things in life and not just blogging. Never do anything when you’re in a hurry without checking up on it afterwards. You will surely find mistakes that you had overlooked when you were rushing through it. In this case, never do a quick write-up without editing it. Something always goes wrong. If I had been posting this week, they wouldn’t have fit my usual standards. Bare with me and surely, you’ll see more exciting posts coming.


This Post is

Everyone’s in need for a little motivation to find out what they love doing. There have been times in my life where I wish someone was there to inspire me or tell me what I needed to hear. The reason I’m here is that, I want to be that person you need in desperate times. This story is going to help..

Four years ago, I started this blog not knowing where it will take me. At first, I thought that it’s going to be temporary. It took me a long time before I realized that I love doing it. I never really started using it until two years ago. The reason for that is the amount of work I started putting into my blog. I changed the layout and design. A year ago, I also changed the blog to “.com”. The most important reason is that I started posting more and writing about stuff that interested me. I get excited every time I finish writing a post because to me its an accomplishment. The more my posts got published, the more I started feeling proud about what I was doing. Soon, I was getting more traffic, comments and followers. I did this all on my own. No one helped me become the blogger I am today. It was just me pushing myself forward.

This just proves that the inspiration and motivation comes from within. But I guess, someone has to tell you that, so you can understand how much power you have over yourself. Stop complaining and whining. It will get you nowhere, fast. The easiest way is to just do it yourself.

This post is for you.


How will you ever know?

People come and go. Is it possible that you left a long lasting impression on them? If you did, then why did they go? Why did they leave you stranded all alone? Others will come, a few might linger and some will stay forever. But what about the people that left? Ever wonder if they still remember you? The easiest way is to ask. The easiest way. What if that’s the only way you can’t take? Is there another way in all of this mess? Contact from you is not an option and neither is stalking. Then there’s no point of wondering because how will you know if they even cared?

Sh*t.. I think I know the answer. It’s not a pleasant one, but I guess it’s the only way. If the person really wanted to talk, then they would do it first. Patience. Patience is the answer.



High Expectations

I haven’t written anything on here in a really long time and that worries me. My blog, as of next September, will be celebrating its 4th year. It seems like yesterday that I made it. If there’s one thing in life that I have accomplished it would be my blog. Sometimes I take what I do for granted. I really don’t appreciate what I have made. Why should I? Four years ago, I never thought I would be here. Now, I feel like, why am I not up there? It hurts when I put so much effort into this blog and then I feel like I did nothing. I still don’t get why I get that feeling sometimes.

The reason I’m worried about all of this is that I’m reaching a point where I should be doing my very best and pushing myself to reach my goals. A reason that sets me going is my love for writing, but I haven’t written anything in a while. That’s what really scares me because what will come of this blog if I’m not writing as much?

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Don’t think of it. There is no point of conjuring up all the possibilities of what would have happened. They’re endless, meaningless and well, pointless. It was none of your business to get involved in the first place. So, why are you angry? It’s not your place to feel that.




That is one word that I wish I used more often. The “na3am” I’m talking about is the one used when you’re talking to someone, then you suddenly realize that they’re getting too deep into your business, so you simply say “na3am?” with a confused/disgusted expression. That simply means back off. It can also be used as “na3am? shtabee(n)?”. I’m not talking about the “na3am” that is used instead of “excuse me I didn’t hear you”. As in, “Na3am? Ma sima3tich(k)”. That, I use a lot. The first one is something that I need to learn how to use. I always have people around me that don’t realize that they’re getting into my business, so it’s rude to say na3am. Sometimes, if I can say it, it’s too hard for the conversation not to turn into a fight. So, how do I use a similar word to convey a similar meaning, i.e;  to mind their own business, without being harsh?

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