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Another New Year

My favorite post of the year is the New Year’s Eve one. I always get super excited when I write it because it feels like such a relief that another year has passed with things going alright. Sometimes one forgets to be thankful for everything around them. Everything becomes special once it’s lost, so why not take a moment and thank God that you have all of these things. It’s time to look back at this eventful year. I honestly think that since 2011, every year has been more eventful than the next. Whether it was personal or general events, the last three years were filled with memories. I don’t know why, but going back to 2010 is quite hard. I don’t remember much happening then. I really hope things are as stable as they are now. I wish that Kuwait stays peaceful. Even with all the recent problems it has been going through, I still believe that Kuwait is fine. However, just one more mistake from higher authorities can take Kuwait down the drain. We’re living on a fine line here. That’s something that scares me sometimes.

But let’s forget that for a moment to say that I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

PS-I love even numbered years.

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Nira Concept


What I’m about to present can be the reason why I haven’t been updating the blog constantly. I have been working really hard to make this a reality. Here’s to Nira Concept my new project-based approach to creativity. A little something about what Nira’s all about.

Nira concept’s aim is to initiate creative projects that spread positive messages. The projects will be different in styles and concepts. Some projects may be about cooking, others about art, or even about the art of giving. Stamped is the first project and it’s selling greeting cards. The cards are all in Arabic to emphasize how hard it is to find Arabic cards in the market. It brings the usual Western culture of card giving to a whole different level by mixing it with Arabic phrases and Arabic transliterations of English phrases.

Stamped will be available in Khaleejesque’s K Store in QoutMarket on January 4, 2014. Show your support and be there! Don’t forget to follow @Niraconcept on Twitter and Instagram to check out the entire collection.

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Third Qout Market On Its Way

The last time I posted about Qout Market I gave advice for the customers going for the first time. This time I decided to give advice for the organizers. If the January 4th Qout Market remained in the same location as last time, then a few adjustments will surely make it better:

  1. It seems that people don’t listen to the advice of bringing enough cash. Also, very few vendors offer K-net. People then had to go to Al Raya’s ATM machine to get cash. The problem is, the elevators would get even more busy because that means more people are going up and down.  The queue for the ATM machine at one time reached up to 20 people. So my suggestion is to rent an ATM machine and get it upstairs. I recommend to get two.
  2. There should be a vendor that only sells water. Last time, if one was thirsty, you would have to wait in line for 20 minutes to get a bottle of water. Because I was helping out in a booth, I found it easier to get water from Caribou in Al Raya then to wait in line. A simple vending machine, could also be a solution.
  3. Another issue, was the mobile connections. The vendors had their own wifi if they needed it, but what happened is that if people were meeting at the market they were often lost because there’s no connection. Even the internet wasn’t working, but if there was wifi, one could quickly talk on whats app and resolve the problem. Another solution would be to draw some sort of map and distribute it for whoever wants one. That way, it’s possible to meet at a certain point. I got people telling me I’m next to the vendor that’s selling plants-.- you can tell how that went along.
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Qout Market Tomorrow


The second Qout Market is coming up and I’m so excited. Last time I went there I got some much food. It was crazy crowded, but extremely fun and the atmosphere was amazing. I have a few pieces of advice for people that are going to go there for the first time.

  1. The only things you should have on you is a carry bag, cash and car keys. Don’t carry a purse because then you will have too many  things to carry. Just put your personal items in your pocket or a carry bag. And don’t forget your debit cards in case you run out of cash and need to withdraw from a cash machine.
  2. Come early! Last time many of the vendors were sold out by 3pm. No wonder they made it this time from 10am-7pm. My suggestion, be there at 10am.
  3. Don’t walk around with a huge group. It’s harder to buy and to be able to get what you want if you’re with a lot of people. If you came as a group, separate and then meet up after a while to see what everyone got!
  4. Get your camera. The setting is really beautiful and worth taking pictures of. However don’t take forever taking pictures of the food because people will be waiting in line.


And it was nice finally meeting Kulsum from Journey Kitchen. I really recommend passing by her stand. I’m in love with her packaging and her almond butter was heavenly.

Be there tomorrow from 10am-7pm in the last floor of Al Raya’s parking!

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Nuqat – Executing Culture Shock

Last month, I attended the three-day Nuqat conference about Executing Culture Shock. I really enjoyed my time there. The lectures made me look at art and design very differently. I realized how hard it is to make such beautiful things. Of course things get harder when culture gets involved because people don’t always accept art as a form of expression. Many times, art is censored because the culture wouldn’t accept it. It traces back to traditions and what the current norms are.

One of the lecturers, Alanoud Al Sharekh, talked about censorship and the forbidden in our region when it comes to art and media. Her speech was one of the best. Thank God for technology because all of the lectures are available on Nuqat’s YouTube Channel.

Here’s Al Sharekh’s speech (skip the first 3 min to immediately start with the speech)

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Asap Salon – Pink Night


Last night, I attended Asap’s event in Omniya Mall. It was a pink themed event, very simple and relaxing. All the bloggers were doing their nails and getting massages. There were also sweets and drinks by 21 carrots. I went there for half an hour. Got a shoulder massage and changed my nail polish color. The salon is very high tech. The customers can browse on iPads that are available next to every seat. There’s also a television projector on the wall for whoever wants to watch TV. The place isn’t very big and it’s not just a nail place (as I thought it was) it offers other treatments. Asap also has a cool loyalty card in the form of a passport (each treatment earns a stamp and 9 stamps means a free treatment).

This time, I remembered to get my camera and snapped a couple of pictures! I loved the 21 carrots display. I would like to thank Dana Taqi from Downtown Communication for inviting me to this event. It was nice meeting you!



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Zain’s Social Media Day Event


By now, most bloggers have posted about Zain’s Social Media Day event on June 30, so I won’t be boring you with what happened. It was pretty cool and filled with every single person in Kuwait involved in media (whether they were television presenters, journalists, bloggers or radio talk show hosts). That was the fun part. It was basically being in a room full of famous people.

The event had started at 6 and I had planned to go then, but I got busy and didn’t end up arriving until 8! I missed the performance by Army of One:( I was there when the raffle happened and Osama Fouda later played his famous radio game with the audience. I was also lucky enough to watch the men that were acting like they were old dance to Gangam Style. I then had to leave by 9 because it also just happened to be my sister’s birthday!

I loved the balloon idea that was planned for the end. Everyone had to write their Instagram or Twitter account on the paper attached to the balloon and then everyone had to let go of their balloon at the same time. I wasn’t there when that happened.

Overall, the event was amazing (even if I only was able to attend for an hour). Next year, I will make an effort to attend earlier! Also, I know that many bloggers posted the video invitation (mine was really funny), but I won’t. The girl in the video didn’t know who writes on this blog (whether its a female, male or a group of writers!). She was confused and then she started talking in plural form. Just to be clear for people that don’t know this already, I’m a woman.

Oh, and I forgot to get my camera. I don’t know what was wrong with me that day.

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June 12

I’m not in Kuwait at the moment and for the first time in my life, I’m celebrating my birthday outside of Kuwait. At first I was sceptical because it wouldn’t be the same outside of Kuwait. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated with family and friends. In this case, my friends are out of the picture, but spending the entire day with my family is more than I could ask for. Another great part about this birthday is I get to spend it in lovely weather. I mean celebrating all of my past birthdays in the heat and dust has its advantages (not -.-). Still the amazing weather here makes everything better (for one thing the pictures are amazing). So the fact that I’m not in Kuwait isn’t so bad after all.

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Mesbah Zain – Review

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A few years ago, one thing was made up in my mind, there was no hope for Kuwaiti theaters to return to its glory days. A few days ago, I was proved wrong. There is hope and I found in it in Zain’s musical play titled Mesbah Zain. I didn’t expect much and to be honest it wasn’t perfect, but compared to the plays in Kuwait this is beyond magnificent.

I’m going to start off with some of the mistakes I noticed. One important factor is the timing. The invitation indicated that the play will start at 3:30 and end by 4:30, however it finished by 5:15. There was a half hour delay in the beginning, which made everyone in the audience bored and a 15 minute break in the middle. Another thing is precision. The songs weren’t sung live, but the actors still had to remember all the words. There were some parts where the actors forgot to move their lips on time, which makes things weird. Last of all it lacked accuracy with the props. They weren’t being moved and placed in the right position on time. The audience could easily see the “prop-guys” moving around the stage.

The plus sides. I have never seen a play in Kuwait that changes its props in every act. I was really pleased with that. They used special effects and different lighting techniques that I don’t think is used in other plays. Shjoon Al Hajery – the star of the play even flew above the audience in one scene. That is something you don’t see everyday in Kuwaiti theater. There were also moving and flying objects throughout the play. I liked how the play was about Aladdin because it’s easier for kids to relate to the story. The songs were really catchy to the extent that their melody is still stuck in my head. Overall, if anyone gets the chance to go to the play during this Eid break, its worth going to!

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ملتقى هوايتي

تصوير عبدالرحمن الفارسي

مشروع شبابي وطني غير ربحي حائز على المركز الأول في مبادرات المشروع الوطني للشباب التابع للديوان الأميري وبداية هذا المشروع هي فكرة طرحها السيد/ عبدالرحمن شيخان الفارسي لتبني الهوايات ويهدف هذا المشروع الى توعية الشباب حول الهواية وما لها من اهمية بالغة في حياة الشاب الكويتي بحيث  تعمل على ملء اوقات الفراغ بهواية مفيده تعود عليه وعلى المجتمع بالفائدة ، وتوفير أماكن للشباب لعرض هواياتهم مجاناً بدون أي تكاليف مادية عليهم

أهداف الملتقى

توعية الشباب بأهمية الهواية وتوجيه طاقاتهم لإختيار الهواية
تحفيز الشباب من خلال استضافة هواة كويتيين استطاعوا ان يحققوا نجاحات كبيرة من خلال هوايتهم
إرشاد الشباب للعمل على حب الهواية وحب التطوع من خلال استضافة العديد من الفرق التطوعية في الكويت والجهات الراغبة في احتضان الطاقات الشبابية

يمكنكم الآن التسجيل لهوايتك من خلال موقعنا حيث أنه سيتم اضافة كافة الطلبات التي تم تسجيلها خلال معرض الديوان مع الطلبات المسجلة بالموقع ليتم عرضها على اللجنة وتحديد أصحاب الهوايات التي ستشارك في ملتقى هوايتي الأول بتاريخ 1-2-3 / نوفمبر / 2012

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