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Send 40 Deaf Muslim Americans to Umrah

Found this fund-raiser on Indiegogo.  (a very interesting website, btw)

About Global Deaf Muslim:

Global Deaf Muslim is the only organization in America that works to create access to Islam to Deaf Muslims nationwide and beyond. GDM has been servicing Deaf communities in the US since it was established in 2006 at National Institute Technical for the Deaf, a college of Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester NY, initiated by Deaf students.

Since its inception in 2005, GDM has been providing lessons on Islam in American Sign Language, organized and hosted conferences, provided Iftar for the Deaf, provides free American Sign Language to the general community, establishing a Chapter in Minnesota, a center in Africa and still working on establishing ones on the West Coast, in Canada, and more insha Allah (God willing).

As the only Organization focusing on the Islamic educational, social and humanitarian needs for the Deaf in America, we can only do our best. We are currently working on translating the entire Quran into America Sign Language.

Organizational Mission          

To advocate for the advancement and inclusion of Deaf Muslims in the Muslim community and to raise awareness of Deaf Muslim issues within the broader Muslim Community.

Help Us Send Deaf Muslims in America to Perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia

GDM started providing Islamic Classes in American Sign Language to the Deaf communities. Since 2009, interpreters have interpreted the khutbah during Juumah. Our energetic Deaf community has learned more in-depth about the 5 pillars of Islam thanks to our great teachers who have volunteered. Many not only learned, but also learned how to practice; with one exception and that is the pilgrimage part.

Deaf students learned in words and now we want our students to experience the spirituality associated with performing Hajj and so we are choosing Umrah during the month of Ramadan in 2013.

Preparations Required:

We will work with a Professional Hajj Pro based in Washington DC. 40 Deaf Americans to be selected randomly from all 50 States starting in March 2013

    • $3000 dollars per package
    • $10,000 from Global Deaf Muslim Community
    • $16,000 from the 40
    • $95,000 is needed

What You Can Do

You can help us realize our goal/dream for the historic trip by doing the following:

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One Love – Kuwaiti Charity Drive

OneLove is a charity drive that strives to help those in need and provide them with what they deserve. It’s run by a group of women who are now taking control and are trying to make a positive change in our society. If you’re interested in donating please contact them by either calling or texting/WhatsApp them on 55013952.

Follow them on:

Instagram: @1lovekuwait
Twitter: 1lovekuwait

Help those in need!

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Donate Old Glasses To Kefan Optics

I have been trying to clean up my room all summer and I finally got a chance those last few days. After getting rid of my old books, I really wanted to do the same with my old glasses. I didn’t want to throw them out, so I started searching for a charity. I couldn’t find anything. So, I started asking around, but I still found nothing. Then I realized that maybe opticians offer donation services. So I decided to email Kefan Optics because I usually get my optics from them. It turns out that you can donate your old prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses to them. Here’s what was written in an email from the Professional Affairs Manager of Kefan Optics:

Two years ago we launched an activity to support an international project Giving Sight. We installed drop boxes in big malls for those who wish to donate their old eyeglasses. However, the ministry ordered to remove the boxes as it needed a permit. We’ve been trying to get the approval of the permit but to no avail.

Our company is sending old models of frames and sunglasses from our stock room to a charity in Africa, and we are including customers donations when get enough to send.

I was pleased when I read that email. I ended up taking my old glasses to them. So, the next time you want to throw away your glasses, think first of the people that could benefit from them.

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Donating Books in Kuwait

I have a lot of old books that I know I won’t reread! All they’re doing is sitting on my shelves, accumulating dust and taking up space in my room. Throwing them away is out of the question and I know there’s the option of donating them. The problem is, I don’t know where to go.

Does anyone know a charity where I can donate these books?

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Al Zebeel – New Charity Concept

The concept is simple! You buy a زبيل (basket) filled with candy for Gerge’an and all proceeds collected go to charity! There are 5 different basket sizes filled with an assortment of candy and/or nuts. The prices vary based on the size and type of candy. This concept has been created by a 17-year-old girl, Sarah Al Thekair. To order, please contact her on 97725732 via SMS only. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram: alzebeel.



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