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Going Offline – Is It Possible?

I have read many articles about people going offline (ie, not using the internet for several hours or days). Every single experience involved the expected conclusion that one can survive without internet. We have become so dependent on the internet that it is hard for some to let go. I have a friend who was brave enough to shut off her phone and laptop for an entire weekend. She was actually dared to do it. She survived. She said that it actually felt good and for once she looked at her watch for the time. I have always wanted to do that. I think I would last half a day, but not more because then I would have to get an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning.

Has anyone tried going offline? Is it as easy as it sounds?

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Bored? Try This

Write about completely everything and nothing.

There are times when I have no idea what I’m writing about and there are times when I have no idea what I’m talking about. For instance, right now I have no idea what I’m doing. Wondering if I’m bored? Matter of fact, I am.

Just write about whatever comes to mind. Those few minutes you take to do this might be life changing. You never know.

Try This

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Help Me Break Stereotypes

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed two pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago about stereotypes. The reason I made those pictures is because I’m trying to make people more aware about stereotypes. It usually starts because it’s true, but then it’s exaggerated to the extent that it becomes false information. The fact that a stereotype is partly true is not a good thing. That’s because the information even without the lies is negative (e.g. there are Muslim terrorists compared to the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists).

Many stereotypes are out there, and making these pictures and posting them on Instagram is my way of showing that these are stereotypes and not facts. I need help in choosing which stereotypes to post about. First, I would like to ask you to tell me all the stereotypes you know (write-up anything in the comments, I won’t be offended).

The stereotypes that I’m looking for should be about Muslims, Arabs, Kuwaitis, and bloggers. I chose those groups because that’s what I care about. Then, I will post them on Instagram and mention whoever gave me the stereotype. Just to be clear, a stereotype is a generalized (sometimes accurate, but often over generalized) belief about a group of people.

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Weekly Photo Challenge (21) – The Sign Says


I haven’t done the weekly photo challenge in quite a while. I miss doing it and the excitement that comes with finding out what topic will be given the following week. I’m doing this challenge as part of the Daily Post Photo Challenge.

The topic for this week is: The Sign Says. I took this photo in Singapore in 2010. I remember going to a mall with my sister and I seeing that sign from a distance. I couldn’t see what The Blog Shop sells (I honestly don’t know what I was expecting to see). It turns out it was just another clothes store. We didn’t even end up going in.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge

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Making The Right Decision


I’m always seeking adventure and trying out new things. Sometimes I’m given the chance to do that and I love it. Other times those adventures don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to be. Hence, the risk involved in adventures.

By adventure, I mean doing something new and gaining experience or knowledge from it. It could be anything like traveling somewhere new, joining a gym, or even working at a new place.

What would you do if you thought you had signed up for an adventure, but then it turns out it’s not exciting and very time consuming? Should you continue the “adventure” hoping that some benefit will come out of it? Or, should you quit because it’s pointless?

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The Key is Moderation

Tell us about something you know you should do . . . but don’t.

I know I should do things in moderation, but I don’t. What usually happens is that I fall in love with something and get addicted to it. Soon enough I lose interest and get bored, so I forget about it. Now, if what I’m doing truly added meaning to my life, then I would miss it and go back to it. That is, even if it was overdone and overused, it would still be special to me. Sometimes, that doesn’t always work.

The best part about this post is that it is making realize what I truly cherish in this life. I love my family and friends and everyone that left an impression on my life. I love writing, eating, watching movies and doing all sorts of activities. Part of my love for writing has flourished in this blog. I would never have become what I am today. A blogger. A successful one. Well, that is yet to come. My love for writing and blogging is very addictive. But then I get bored, so I would start blogging again and get bored all over AGAIN. It’s a constant battle, but I could never let it go. I will never stop blogging just as long as I’m alive.

My goal is to do things in moderation, so that they last and when I don’t like them anymore I can let them go. I don’t have to go through the getting “bored” part. All I need to do is to do things in moderation. With EVERYTHING. Don’t even get me started when it comes to food. I would eat something everyday for a month, but then never eat it again. Got the cycle?

Part of the Daily Prompt.

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The Choice

Daily Prompt Question

If you had to choose between being able to write a blog (but not read others’) and being able to read others’ blogs (but not write your own), which would you pick? Why?

When I first read the question, I really thought I would be writing about how I would pick blogging over reading. But then, I really thought of it. To me, reading blogs came before writing. I fell in love with reading blogs, and then I decided on making one. If it wasn’t for reading, then I would have never considered making my own blog. I thought other bloggers would have a similar response to mine, but it turns out that most people prefer to blog. They claim that reading can be done with newspapers, magazines or books. In my case, I love reading books. I’m not a fan of newspapers and magazines, well, lets just say I really appreciate the art work.

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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

“You drive”, said my sister as she walked towards the passenger seat.

I couldn’t believe what she had said. She had never done this before. It was a day before my driving test, so I was well trained, yet the excitement was unnerving. I never got to drive without my driving instructor, so this was a huge step for me.

Without replying, I got the car keys and turned on the car. We were at a place that was literally 3 minutes away from our house. Nonetheless, I was really nervous. Just a few seconds after I started driving, my sister got a call that she had to take. Throughout the entire drive she was busy on the phone while I did everything on my own. It was the best feeling ever. We arrived home safely mostly because I was driving 20km/h, but I still did it. It was definitely an offer I couldn’t refuse.

This was written in 10 minutes as part of the Daily Prompt

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Weekly Photo Challenge (20) – Near and Far

I love doing the weekly photo challenge even if I don’t usually do it every week. It seems that I always end up skipping a few weeks then getting back into it. I’m really hoping this time I get back on track with the challenges. The topic for this week is near and far. I started digging up old pictures and I found one that I have taken in Cyprus.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge

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Summer Cleaning – Desktop Style

Messiness is never the solution to anything. But the thing is, ever since Ramadan started I have been extremely lazy and, well, messy. My room needed a lot of tidying up and most importantly, my laptop was a catastrophe. All the files were messed up. There were so many icons on my desktop that I can barely see my background photo. I ended up grouping the files into folders and not going through everything (easy way out of doing less work). Result: it looked presentable, but there’s a lot that needs deleting. Same situation is happening with my room. After I came back from my trip, I needed space to put everything I bought. So instead of throwing away old junk, I arranged the stuff in my room in a way that would fit everything. That of course needs time and frankly with my laziness hitting its peak, I’m not even halfway done. I wish everything was as easy as tidying up my laptop’s desktop. Humph.

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