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Mcdonald’s Signs in Surra

The Mcdonald’s located next to Al Surra Co-Op has recently re-opened it’s doors for customers. However, there was an odd mishap that appeared on the streets of the area. On the day of its opening, street advertising boards were set up in various parts of Al Surra. The next day or maybe on the day after that, some of the signs were missing the famous “M”. I noticed that some of the signs still had their “M”, but the ones on main streets were mostly cut out. I really don’t get this! Who would do such a thing?


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Misunderstood Advertisement

The other day a person posted a picture on Instagram of a dog that looks like a loaf of bread. On the picture itself was written “Kalb al toast, sub7an al khaliq, wallah fi khlaqah shu2oon!”. Then the person wrote “sub7an al khaliq” as the caption. I was dumbfounded at the stupidity. Then I got aggravated that people’s comments showed that they believed that it’s loaf-shaped-dog and not just a picture!! People have the ability to ignore the facts and believe whatever they see/read/hear.

The problem is the person who uploaded the picture and the people who commented are in their 40’s!! At that age I would seriously expect much more wisdom.The second I saw it I knew: 1 – a dog would never sit on a cutting board, 2 – it’s photoshoped, 3 – it’s a Lifebuoy advertisement!! I have seen the ad a couple of years ago and I found it very creative. Of course, I decided to intervene and commented on the picture with a link of the real ad. The person never replied. I guess it was too hard to face the truth.

I really wanted to post the picture, but it’s really not clear! Here’s the actual ad:

Be honest, would you have believed that this was a real dog?

Check out different versions of the ad

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Smart Ad


I love it when ads make me stop walking. That means its a smart ad and not just any other boring one. It would take a few more seconds to actually understand it. Trying to understand an ad’s message is stronger than having a straightforward message. I believe that it appeals more to the consumer. This ad was in Dubai Mall in Bady Shop’s store window.

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Please Explain

For months now this advertisement has been up all over Kuwait. Only now do I realize what it means. The ads are used to advertise the new billboards! Concord is an advertisement company that is trying to improve outdoor billboards in Kuwait. It took me such a long time to realize that even though I pass by that ad like 20 times a day. I never even noticed that those billboards were new. I figured it out when I saw a before and after sign of the mupis (adverts in the middle bank between two roads). The ads are used to attract companies to advertise in the new billboards/mupis. The thing that I need an explanation for is why are the ads still up there? Shouldn’t companies already have advertisements on them by now?


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Caution Wet Floor


I see this sign everywhere and not once was it actually true! The floor probably became dry after the first 5 minutes. I really don’t get why its kept there for hours without anyone removing it. Whenever I see it I know that the floor is dirty. It’s supposed to show that it’s clean, but if it’s been there for hours then it’s bound to be dirty again. That’s because when people step on the “wet floor” they end up making it dirtier!


Off to Dubai Again


I haven’t been posting for a while now, but I will be in the next couple of days! The past week I’ve been very busy and at the same time really sick. It was hectic, but things are better now. Anyways, I’m going to Dubai tonight. Does anyone have any restaurant suggestions?

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London Limo Servies in Avenues


This is such a cool idea! I haven’t seen these type of offers in Kuwait before. I’ve seen a lot of this stuff in Dubai and it’s really useful. It helps make a better shopping experience!

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I Love Dayem – Commercial

I love this commercial! They used the beat of Alors On Danse, but at the same time they mixed an Egyptian beat with it. It’s amazing because they were also able to integrate Zenga Zenga to the song!

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Glee’s Fashion Night Out

“The cast of Glee performing “Fashion” by David Bowie in their Fashion Night Out 2011 music video for Vogue. This was shot while the Glee cast was in London during their tour. Naya Rivera and Amber Riley both did not participate in this video because they were both sick. Chord Overstreet is in this video because they didn’t know at the time that he wouldn’t be returning to the third season of Glee.”

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دعاية الوطنية للاتصالات عيد2011

This is Wataniya Telecom’s new TVC and I’m loving it. They really pictured what getting ready for 3eed really means!

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