Instagram Is Annoying


I currently have three Instagram accounts. Anyone that has a business or blog will be able to relate to this post. I am going to rant about Instagram’s lack of a certain option. It does not allow a user to have more than one account singed in at once. For example, Twitter can have many accounts logged in at the same time and you can navigate between them. Thus, you don’t have to keep logging in and out. It also only sends notifications from the last account that you used. With Instagram, I keep on getting notifications from the different accounts, so it really gets confusing. Also, I have to LOG IN and OUT several times a day. It’s so annoying. What usually ends up happening is that one or two of the accounts are neglected for a few days until I realize I should check them. The accounts by the way include my personal one, the blog one and the Nira Concept one. I sort of have to have all three, unless Instagram soon stops being the “it” program (ie, what’s currently happening to Twitter).

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5 thoughts on “Instagram Is Annoying

  1. umhassib says:

    I totally agree with you as I have four different accounts myself and I’m fed up of keeping logging out and in all day.

  2. delia says:

    I have just removed it from our phone due to lack of space, I’ll have to restore it when I get my new phone:-) well, this is tag:

  3. Karess says:

    No quesiton this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

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