Another New Year

My favorite post of the year is the New Year’s Eve one. I always get super excited when I write it because it feels like such a relief that another year has passed with things going alright. Sometimes one forgets to be thankful for everything around them. Everything becomes special once it’s lost, so why not take a moment and thank God that you have all of these things. It’s time to look back at this eventful year. I honestly think that since 2011, every year has been more eventful than the next. Whether it was personal or general events, the last three years were filled with memories. I don’t know why, but going back to 2010 is quite hard. I don’t remember much happening then. I really hope things are as stable as they are now. I wish that Kuwait stays peaceful. Even with all the recent problems it has been going through, I still believe that Kuwait is fine. However, just one more mistake from higher authorities can take Kuwait down the drain. We’re living on a fine line here. That’s something that scares me sometimes.

But let’s forget that for a moment to say that I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

PS-I love even numbered years.

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4 thoughts on “Another New Year

  1. Jacqui says:

    OMG You are just like me! Hehehe my favorites are even numbered years whereas I was born in an odd numbered one hehe :P Weird but it just works that way.. odd numbers never give me anything to be happy about thus I hope 2014 is awesome for you as it can hopefully be for me!

    Happy New Year love :*

    • Summer says:

      Inshalla everything works out the way we want them to be! haha, thankfully I was born on an even numbered year, but I hate it when my age is an odd number!

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  3. Keydrick says:

    That’s the pecfret insight in a thread like this.

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