I Got Skills

If you could choose to be a master/mistress of any skill, which would you pick?

There are many skills that I would love to learn. Most of them are physical. I would love to learn how to paint or swim proffessionally, but the skill I want to master in does not require physical activity. Well, not exactly. What I’m talking about is social skills. I know them, except I don’t practice them. The problem is, I’m rarely in the mood to socialize, but whenever I do, I do great. I become spontaneous and I would have great presence, but that only happens when I want to. Some people are always like that without even thinking about it. Another problem is that being social requires being up to date with everything, so that it is easy to communicate with anyone. It’s weird to think that as a blogger, I should be updated with all the latest news, and I am, but I forget things easily. I only remember the information that matters to me. Maybe someday I will become the Mistress of Socializing.

Part of the Daily Prompt.

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13 thoughts on “I Got Skills

  1. tztmukobe says:

    You have said it all: Socialising is on the highest side of the pick. Thanks for paving the way. Other skills are but for merely embellishing the socialising – factor. It is a great piece and you deserve more than one may express here.

  2. Kuwaitiful says:

    Interesting read, I actually face a similar issue. Only social when I feel like it, other days I completely shut all doors. I guess we need to open more, every social event should have a box of cookies present.

  3. You sound like an introvert. I am one and I do not like socializing much either. Extroverts are born with social skills and this is what gets their engine going. It powers them up. Being an introvert means we get powered up when we are by ourselves..creating and reading and stuff like that. I am social when I want to be too…it is a good thing..be happy !

    • Summer says:

      Thanks this really helps. I remember learning about introverts and extroverts in psychology class in high school.I guess I never understood how accepting that I’m an introvert will help me be more social.

  4. Fahad Bouresly says:

    I highly recommend you to read Malcolm Gladwell’s ” Ten thousand hours”. You will be highly motivated and you’ll know the true secret of mastering any skill whatsoever

  5. thatwiseyogi says:

    I’m kind of the same way about socializing … I really have to be in the mood for it. Forgetting irrelevant details about life that don’t really matter also makes small talk with others challenging. Good luck! :)

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