Number of Continents on Earth

A couple of days ago, I was asked about the number and names of the continents on Earth. There were 30 other people with me, but only one was able to answer correctly. I was only able to name 6 and I really thought they were the only ones. I felt dumb when it turned out that there are actually 7 continents. I forgot that Antarctica is a continent too. Most of the group were able to name 5 of them. That really struck my attention because this should be common knowledge, but very few people know it accurately. The continents that people mostly forgot were Antarctica and Australia. Some even thought that North and South America are one continent.

Here’s the list of all the continents just in case you forgot them too!






North America

South America

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2 thoughts on “Number of Continents on Earth

  1. Fahad Bouresly says:

    This really surprised as well. Thanks for the info

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