The Kitchen – Review

I was invited by Mr. George, from The Kitchen, to try their food. Two days ago and many emails later, I ended up going to their recently opened branch in Abul Al Hassaniya with 5 of my friends. We were welcomed by the staff to a table in the outdoor seating area. The weather was perfect that day, and we were really hungry. The staff decided that they will order their best sellers for us. It’s the first time for all of us in the restaurant, so we had no idea what the food consisted of.

They took our drink orders and then brought us a complementary dish. It consisted on taboola, homus, yogurt with cucumber and Lebanese bread. We all found it to be okay. The real food was better than I expected. They first brought toasted rolls with mushroom which were extremely good. Another mushroom dish that blow me away was their grilled portobello mushroom with rocca. The sauce which was a combination of cheese and sour cream is what really made it amazing. Another starter was their quesadillas. I loved it because it was filled with cheese and it came with a rich guacamole sauce. Then came two salads. One of them was a roasted beetroot salad with white cheese. I really liked it because the ingredients were very unique and it had a sweet and sour sense in it. The other one was a chicken caesar salad that we all found to be very bland. The last starter was gnocchi with cream cheese. It’s really good for someone who likes gnocchi, but I’m not a fan of it. The main courses came next. There were three types of mini burgers that were the following: chicken, falafel and beef. I personally liked the falafel one the most but the beef one was really good as well. The french fries were too oily. There was also chef Adla Al Sharhan’s famous  lasagna, papardelle chicken pasta and veal milanese. I was full by that time, so I only tried a bite from each. I thought that the lasagna tasted too buttery, but my friends loved it. Finally, they served a desert called chubby balls, which is biscuit balls soaked in cream and chocolate sauce. It was really good, but by that time we were beyond full. Overall, the experience was amazing and I wouldn’t mind going back there again. There’s a lot from the menu that I haven’t tried. QUICK note about The Kitchen: everything is homemade. That’s what makes it so special. The total money that we would have paid was KD 52.650 which is really good considering all the food they brought us! I would love to thank the Mr. George and the staff for the lovely night.

The Kitchen

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