Bagels in Kuwait

I love bagels. I haven’t had them in ages and I truly miss them. A lot of expats have been complaining that there isn’t a single bagel cafe in Kuwait. It seems that Kuwait has everything, but I guess no body considered that selling baked ring-shaped bread rolls as something worthwhile. The cool thing is, I recently found out that there’s a new place called Heavenly Bagels. It’s right next to Haleeb o Hail in Al Mubarikiya! I really want to try it out. They have a home delivery service and I even found them on I heard that it was open since last November. I found a couple of reviews about it and most said that it was decent. Has anyone tried it yet?

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4 thoughts on “Bagels in Kuwait

  1. Kuwaitiful says:

    Was pretty good. Depends on what you order. Some bagels were really good, others were okay.

  2. Caramel says:

    I loved it! Their watermelon juice was amazing, too! Forgot to tell you that I tried it!

  3. Hmmm can you have bagels for dinner ? Read that it’s not a good idea to do that .. Haven’t tried them before .. Buuuut I Feel like trying them now ;p

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