The Dragon Restaurant Kuwait

The Dragon restaurant in Jabriya is a success! I passed by the other day to order take away and I was happy with what I found. The place is spacious and the decorations were infused with dragon elements. The lighting is dimmed and the music choices were good. The staff was really helpful and they even recommended some dishes to try.

Now to criticize the food! I can’t really compare it to Tatami or Maki, but it’s food was better than most Japanese restaurants in Kuwait. They had a huge menu filled with pictures of all the food offered which made it easier to choose! I was ordering for 4 people including myself. I ordered a lot of sushi/maki which was really fresh and the sauces used were not thick, but light and savory. There was a wide variety of salads, but I only ended up ordering the sesame crab salad. The sauce was heavenly, but I think it would have tasted better if it wasn’t take away. The rice and noodles wasn’t very special, but it still tasted good. I ordered a bunch of appetizers including Kani Fry, popcorn shrimp, shrimp tempura and negimaki. I highly recommend this restaurant and I’m definitely going to order from them again!

Some of what I ordered..

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2 thoughts on “The Dragon Restaurant Kuwait

  1. Iyaa says:

    I don’t like Japanese food all that much,, but i think i’ll try it ;)

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